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Could the Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans make another draft day deal?

Titans GM Jon Robinson said he plans to “be aggressive” during the draft this year. Could he get another deal done with Rams GM Les Snead?

Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson hugs S Kevin Byard
Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson hugs S Kevin Byard
Photo by Shaban Athuman/Getty Images

During an interview with Tennessee Titans season-ticket holders on Saturday, Titans GM Jon Robinson addressed their approach to the 2018 NFL Draft and their first selection at #25 overall:

We’ll certainly have a lot more time to just kind of sit back and watch, but we’ll be aggressive as well. If there is a player that we really, really, maybe we thought he was going to go in the top 10 and for whatever reason he’s slipping down the board, we’ll try and position ourselves to maybe acquire the guy.


My phone line is always open.

It’s the lowest the Titans first-round selection since 2009, and reportedly Robinson is antsy to get into the action before that pick. Given that the Los Angeles Rams are picking at #23, there’s certainly an obvious opportunity for a deal to be made here if the Titans have a player they like that they worry won’t make it to them at 25. The question would be of which prospect that could be.

Making things more interesting is that the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine begins today in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was at this very event two years ago that the Rams and Titans began the initial discussions of what would lead to a massive trade in the 2016 NFL Draft that sent the #1 overall pick from Tennessee to the Rams for the first draft since relocating the franchise from St. Louis back to LA. Quite the headlines, obviously.

Now that the dust has settled on relocation and the Rams have turned things around on the football field, they won’t need to make a major move like in 2016 to drum up interest. This year, there might be the space for the Rams to move back and recoup a shred of what they spent two years ago.

That we’re two years out from that blockbuster seems fitting. And given Robinson’s comments, it would seem that the opportunity isn’t one beyond belief.