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NFL releases list of compensatory picks for 2018 NFL Draft

Here are the additional picks being provided to NFL teams based on the 2017 free agency period for the 2018 NFL Draft.

Former Arizona Cardinals DE Calais Campbell hits Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson on October 23, 2016
Former Arizona Cardinals DE Calais Campbell hits Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson on October 23, 2016
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In order to help maintain a competitive balance, the NFL offers what are called compensatory picks in the NFL Draft every year to support teams who lose talented players to free agency.

Spoiler alert: The Los Angeles Rams have received 0 compensatory picks in the 2018 NFL Draft. Why?

While the formula isn’t public (and I’d love to hear a legitimate, logical reason it isn’t), it essentially comes down to the quantity and quality of free agents a team loses compared to the same measures of free agents it signs based on salary, playing time and postseason honors. So picks are being offered for the 2018 NFL Draft based on the 2017 free agency period and how the players every team signed, and lost, fared. And simply put, the Rams got more in 2017 (a hell of a lot more, honestly) in free agency than they lost.

Based on those outcomes, here are the full list of compensatory picks included in the draft this year:

2018 NFL Draft Compensatory Picks

Rd RD#-OVR# Team
Rd RD#-OVR# Team
3 33-97 Arizona Cardinals
3 34-98 Houston Texans
3 35-99 Denver Broncos
3 36-100 Cincinnati Bengals
4 33-133 Green Bay Packers
4 34-134 Arizona Cardinals
4 35-135 New York Giants
4 36-136 New England Patriots
4 37-137 Dallas Cowboys
5 33-170 Cincinnati Bengals
5 34-171 Dallas Cowboys
5 35-172 Green Bay Packers
5 36-173 Dallas Cowboys
5 37-174 Green Bay Packers
6 33-207 Green Bay Packers
6 34-208 Dallas Cowboys
6 35-209 Kansas City Chiefs
6 36-210 Oakland Raiders
6 37-211 Houston Texans
6 38-212 Oakland Raiders
6 39-213 Minnesota Vikings
6 40-214 Houston Texans
6 41-215 Baltimore Ravens
6 42-216 Oakland Raiders
6 43-217 Oakland Raiders
6 44-218 Minnesota Vikings
7 33-251 Los Angeles Chargers
7 34-252 Cincinnati Bengals
7 35-253 Cincinnati Bengals
7 36-254 Arizona Cardinals
7 37-255 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
7 38-256 Atlanta Falcons

Comp picks can change the fortunes of teams. This year’s list gives four picks to the Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders. The Rams’ NFC West rival Arizona Cardinals got three comp picks along with the Houston Texans. The only other team getting more than one comp pick is the Minnesota Vikings who made the NFC Championship with former Rams QBs Case Keenum and Sam Bradford on the roster.

Given the impact of the draft, comp picks are always of significant weight. That the Cards received a third-round pick for DE Calais Campbell wasn’t a surprise. But try to keep that in mind when whomever the Cardinals take with that pick hits the field against the Rams in 2018. Thems the breaks.

Moreover, the Rams could well be in the mix for some significant comp picks in the 2019 NFL Draft. With so many expiring contracts, the Rams are certain to let some players exit in free agency this offseason. That has the potential to create a wide crop of comp picks a year from now.

That being said as it stands...yeah, we got nothing. So be it.