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Random Ramsdom 2/22: Aaron Donald is a beast

Not a lot of groundbreaking Rams news floating around the internet. However, we do have a link about how Aaron Donald is better than everyone else.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Rams had 4th-most pressures in NFL | Rams Wire

How dominant was Aaron Donald this year? Well, check out this article.

Rams vs. Raiders in Las Vegas sounds great | Ramblin’ Fan

An argument that the NFL should embrace the idea of the Rams-Raiders rivalry by placing it in Las Vegas every year. As fun as this future rivalry gimmick sounds, it also seems a little bit random? But hey, who I am to judge? I own several Counting Crows albums.

Who have the Rams tagged in the past? | Rams official site

Going back to 1998, Kristen Lago takes a look at the Rams’ history with the franchise tag.

Auditioning for the Olympics? Ranking Todd Gurley’s hurdles | ESPN

Alden Gonzalez is having some fun over at ESPN, taking a look at the most impressive jumps by Todd Gurley.

Myles Simmons does a mock draft roundup | Rams official site

Guys, we can talk mock drafts all day long, but we know trades are going to happen, messing everything up. Nothing is certain. Except that the Rams are going to take a cornerback.

Positional outlook: running back | Rams official site

Can you name every backup running back to Todd Gurley? Is Justin Davis still on the team or did he get cut and you didn’t notice? Check out this link and find out!

Combine trivia! | Rams official site

NFL Network’s Willie McGinest and Reggie Wayne partake in some very challenging NFL Combine trivia.