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Should the Los Angeles Rams consider signing ILB Brian Cushing?

The Houston Texans released their franchise tackles leader today. Could the Rams make a play for some veteran leadership on the inside of their 3-4 defense?

Houston Texans LB Brian Cushing hits Oakland Raiders TE Zach Miller
Houston Texans LB Brian Cushing hits Oakland Raiders TE Zach Miller
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Houston Texans officially released ILB Brian Cushing today ending his nine-year run with the Texans after drafting him out of USC in the 2009 NFL Draft.

As the franchise tackles leader, Cushing was on a pretty expensive six-year extension he signed back in 2013. Having just taken LB Zach Cunningham in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft though, the Texans have their replacement lined up. Much like the Los Angeles Rams’ situation with ILB James Laurinaitis in 2016, it was time to move on.

But just like Laurinaitis, Cushing could find a home to finish out his NFL career. Between his experience overall, his experience in a 3-4 defense and whatever he has left to offer in on-field production, I could see him being a solid fit as a rotational ILB for the right team.

Which of course begs the question...

Should the Los Angeles Rams pursue Cushing?

The argument’s pretty easy to make. The Rams have their starting duo in Alec Ogletree and Mark Barron, though the latter could be a cap casualty in the weeks ahead when free agency opens on March 14. So I could see Cushing brought in on a deal much like OLB Connor Barwin’s one-year deal that he signed a year ago. And it’s worth pointing out, like Barwin, Cushing has worked with Rams Defensive Coordinator before. Wade was Houston’s defensive coordinator for three seasons starting in 2011 and took over as interim head coach in 2013 when Gary Kubiak was fired.

So what say you, Rams fans? Interested in kicking the tired on Cushing as he closes out his career?