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New 2018 NFL Mock Draft from CBS Sports’ Chris Trapasso offers outlet away from cornerback run for Los Angeles Rams

If the Rams are looking for edge rushing help before cornerback talent, here’s one option.

Texas-San Antonio DE Marcus Davenport pressures Southern Mississippi QB Keon Howard
Texas-San Antonio DE Marcus Davenport pressures Southern Mississippi QB Keon Howard
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

We had a Monday mock I didn’t get to yesterday from CBS Sports’ Chris Trapasso. Last week, Trapasso had the Los Angeles Rams in familiar cornerback waters opting for Louisville CB Jaire Alexander. This week? Something entirely new...

The top...3?

Trapasso’s previous version also had a recognizable top three in Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield, USC QB Sam Darnold and North Carolina St. DE Bradley Chubb but threw things off at #4 with Iowa CB Josh Jackson. This week, it’s a similar situation. A top three of Mayfield, UCLA QB Josh Rosen and Darnold interrupted with the Cleveland Browns at #4, their second pick of the draft, taking...Texas OT Connor Williams. I don’t know that I’ve seen a mock with Williams this high let alone to the Browns. Fodder for thought.

The QBs

Mayfield-Rosen-Darnold to open. The Arizona Cardinals at #15 get Wyoming QB Josh Allen. And a bit of a stunner at #21 as the Buffalo Bills take Oklahoma State Cowboys QB Mason Rudolph. Honestly though, I’m surprised we haven’t seen Rudolph as an option more. I’ve seen him in the first round maybe twice? I think that’s not a good appropriation (a) of his draft stock and (b) how desperate teams get for QBs in the actual draft. Yes, this year there’s a much bigger labor pool at the top. But if anything, that’s a better argument for why we should have seen more of Rudolph than the opposite to this point.

Perhaps the combine, which starts a week from today, will be the pushing off point for Rudolph.

Cornering the cornerbacks

Interesting call here. Probably the consensus top two cornerbacks are at Ohio St. CB Denzel Ward and Iowa CB Josh Jackson. This week, Trapasso sends them both off early: Ward at #13 to Washington and Jackson at #7 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It sets up a bit of an interesting dilemma. I thought Trapasso might take the easy out and go with Colorado CB Isaiah Oliver, but he forges new ground:

23. Los Angeles Rams: Marcus Davenport, DE, UTSA

Robert Quinn is a likely cap casualty, so the Rams pick an edge-rusher with a comparable body type in Davenport. He’ll help to keep Los Angeles dangerous up front on defense.

Much like the mock we got yesterday from Mocking the Draft’s Dan Kadar, this one hits on a roster need and on the BPA front. So likey.

Obviously with the combine coming, the 2018 NFL Draft is going to soak up attention for the next two weeks. But when the combine ends on March 5, all eyes will turn to free agency thereafter with things opening up in full just nine days later meaning a flood of rumors in the period between.

So enjoy it! We get two weeks of draft craziness followed by two weeks of free agency frenzy before settling in for the long month leading up to the draft.

Buckle up!