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Turf Show Radio S10E43: Week 14 (@ CHI) recap

3k, Rob-o and Joey O look at what the LA Rams should expect in Chicago and how QB Jared Goff will deal with the cold weather all to the sounds of Billy Joel.

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0:30 - Car talk

2:34 - “I have the Billy Joel channel on Sirius. That’s my jam.” - Joey O

And so it begins...

3:15 - Billy Joel reference pt. I

7:25 - Billy Joel reference pt. II

8:00 - Billy Joel reference pt. III

10:05 - Football discussions begin starting with the injury to RB Malcolm Brown and the roster battle between backups Justin Davis and (whispering) John Kelly...

14:20 - Is the structure of this game down to the Los Angeles Rams’ offense against the Chicago Bears’ defense?

17:20 - Mitchellll.

19:48 - QB Jared Goff’s Reddit AMA.

21:56 - Goff is down with Coors Light and Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza which means 3k is down with Goff.

23:00 - Goff and TE Tyler Higbee aka the Hig Man on Campus aka Higgly-Wiggly enjoying some ‘za.

24:42 - Just how good is the Bears’ defense?

26:52 - Sean McVay learns random facts about every player in the NFL in history.

27:20 - Bold predictions.

29:05 - 3k’s edgy joke got cut. Rob-o’s joke about Goff’s hands up C John Sullivan’s tight end stays? Shenanigans!

31:25 - Rob-o is superstitious and is the reason why we lost in the playoffs last year.

32:38 - We react to Sosa’s article about S Lamarcus Joyner. Is this his last season as a Ram?

35:50 - The Rams will pay about $30m to settle up with St. Louis personal seat license owners. Is this closure for STL-area fans to finally accept the permanence of relocation?

39:00 - Easter egg with Billy Joel references pts. IV-IX