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Random Ramsdom 12/5: LA Rams link up

Whit words, Donald Truck, and other Fowl(er) stuff.

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Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Whitworth the wordsmith I Fox Sports

Colin Cowherd has Rams’ left tackle Andrew Whitworth on his show for a lengthy talk about the state of the Rams, Sean McVay, Jared Goff, and more. It’s definitely a nice glimpse behind the blue and yellow curtain.

All the Rams needed was some Vitamin Fowler I NBC Sports

So far, Dante Fowler has provided the Rams defense some semblance of pressure off the edge, and has been a high-energy presence. We’ll see if Fowler’s short-term contributions, earn him a spot on the team beyond this season, but so far, as the performance artist known as Borat once (or much more than once) said, “great success!”

Five things observed through the stylish spectacles of Myles Simmons I Rams Official Site

Myles Simmons sees things, five things, Blythish things…and more!

Respect we seek, I guess. This week’s rankings. I USA Today

Shabba Ranks.

Cutty Ranks.

Gappy Ranks.

The USA Today ranks the Rams where?

The clutchest sack master in the game I Rams Official Site

The radio voice of the LA Rams, J.B. Long dissects Aaron Donald’s 16.5 sacks to reveal the impact and timing of Donald’s conquests. It seems that Aaron Donald is the Robert Horry of quarterback killers. Good stuff J.B!

Viva Grand Master Sack!

The Rams design plays, Myles Simmons explains them I Rams Official Site

Watch how the Rams got were able to build a delightful corridor for Todd Gurley to turn a short screen pass into a 19-yard reception against the Detroit Lions, brought to you by the mind of McVay!

A double team isn’t enough. In fact, that’s disrespectful! I NFL Network

MVP candidate Aaron Donald’s work seems to be really capturing the imagination of media lately. The NFL Network’s Nate Burleson explains why double teaming Rams’ defensive tackle Aaron Donald is simply not enough. Donald and Khalil Mack will be on the same field in five nights from now, and bad men from Clubber Lang to Charles Oakley will be gleefully tuning in.

The Rams won’t be racking up much frequent flyer miles after this week I NFL Network

Peter Schrager explains how after this week’s game in Chicago, the Rams will play all their games in warm weather for the next couple months, should they make a playoff run.