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Turf Show Radio S10E42: Week 13 (@ DET) recap

3k, Rob-o and Joey O break down the messy game in Motor City, talk about the hottest cologne commercial of the holiday season, and Rob Havenstein’s vocabulary issues.

00:50 - High school reunions. Like wine, they get better with time.

2:30 - Christmas! Joey loves it, Rob O is cool with it, and Joe is the Grinch

7:25 - What Los Angeles Rams player is into Christmas the most?

8:15 - Rob Havenstein like Christmas! Christmas good football good!

9:25 - Game stats

17:15 - Aaron Donald praise

26:45 - Todd Gurley’s play to not score a TD

29:15 - RB Malcolm Brown goes down and the cologne commercial comes on as we see the an empty desert save for the silhouette of a lone figure as a whispered name carries upon the wind...John Kelly...

32:45 - Aqib Talib is back and was the defense better with him?

39:40 - John Johnson III talk — overhyped?

43:15 - Game balls! Rob gives an honorary game ball to former Ram and current New York Giants LB Alec Ogletree for helping defeat the Chicago Bears. Joey gives his to WR Robert Woods. Rob gives his actual game ball to EDGE Dante Fowler Jr. And Joe gives 23 game balls to Donald and one to Havenstein for not knowing what a game ball is.

46:27: @ Chicago, home for the Philadelphia Eagles, @ Arizona Cardinals and back in LA for the San Francisco 49ers. Are the Rams going to lose any of those?

52:30 - College football! And Joe laments the end of college football and the onset of the true nature of winter.

54:50 - Easter egg