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2018 NFL power rankings, Week 14: Los Angeles Rams consensus #1 team following New Orleans Saints loss

Outside of one dissenter, the Rams are the top team in the major power rankings this week.

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Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

2018 NFL Power Rankings Summary - Week 14

Metric Ranking
Metric Ranking
Average ranking (# of rankings) 1.14
Average change from last week +0.86
Highest ranking (source) 1st (multiple sources)
Lowest ranking (source) 2nd (
Biggest positive change (source) +1 (multiple sources)
Biggest negative change (source) 0 (

SB Nation: 1st (previously 2nd)

I suffered through so many bad Rams seasons, I started to think that’s just how you played the game, one excruciating drive at a time. Now, they’re consistently the most fun team to watch. I don’t even really care about the crappy way they left St. Louis. Hell, we’re all probably better off for having them in Los Angeles anyway. Had they never moved, Jeff Fisher would probably still be the coach, sullying the NFL one pathetic 7-9 season at a time.

My favorite team is the best team. That’s a pretty good way to start the power rankings this week

ESPN: 1st (2nd)

We’re No. 1 in: Pass-block win rate. Give it up for the big guys up front, where it all starts for the 11-1 Rams and their explosive offense. The offensive line ranks No. 1 in pass-block win rate, defined as when a pass-blocker sustains his block for 2.5 seconds following the snap. The Rams have won 63 percent of their pass blocks, allowing Jared Goff plenty of time to distribute the ball to a host of playmakers.

NFL: 2nd (2nd)

The Rams let the Lions hang around far too long on Sunday. Such is life on the road for even the premier teams -- just ask the Chiefs. The key to L.A.’s win was the disruptive play of Aaron Donald, a few intermediate dimes from Jared Goff and heady play from Todd Gurley. Loved his decision to run parallel to the goal line late to burn clock, doing his best impersonation of DeSean Jackson in the Miracle at the Meadowlands 2.0. Sean McVay’s group needed no such miracles at Ford Field, although Detroit was more than game for most of the afternoon. One front on which the Rams keep beating teams: special teams. Johnny Hekker was able to pin the Lions, and Legatron was money again. The Lions didn’t return a single punt or kick Sunday. The third phase of the game, which is often overmentioned in the football conversation, might be the difference for this team come mid-January. No, really.

CBS: 1st (2nd)

They continue to win games putting up big numbers on offense. But now they get the ultimate challenge facing a good Bears defense on the road.

Yahoo!: 1st (2nd)

It stinks that defensive players practically can’t win the MVP. Because I think Aaron Donald might deserve it. I don’t think there has been a better player in the NFL this season, and he plays for the only 11-1 team. The best player in the league on the best team in the league should get more MVP consideration than he’s going to get.

Pro Football Talk: 1st (2nd)

There’s a good chance they’ll keep this spot through the balance of the season.

USA Today: 1st (2nd)

Only team with 11 wins. Only team to clinch playoff berth so far. Only team with two bona fide MVP candidates (Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald).