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The Los Angeles Rams, 2018 NFC Western Division Champions—The Year in Review

A look back at each regular season in three sentences or less from the Professor’s perspective

Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Game One versus the Oakland Raiders

CB, Marcus Peters’ interception for touchdown

Game Two versus the Arizona Cardinals

Home opener: Are the Cardinals ever going to cross our fifty?

Game Three versus the Carson Chargers

Injuries to CB Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters

Game Four versus the Minnesota Vikings

QB Jared Goff on fire, pass to WR Copper Kupp in the end zone a thing of beauty

Game Five versus Seattle Seahawks

What happened to the Rams secondary?

Game Six versus the Denver Broncos

Dominating performance by Rams overall and in particular, RB Todd Gurley The referees stink in this league

Game Seven versus the San Francisco 49’ers

DT Aaron Donald is unstoppable and who is this TE for Niners, George Kittle?

Game Eight versus Green Bay Packers

Please lord, not the last two minutes with QB Aaron Rodgers? Thank you, KR Ty Montgomery you’re my hero even if others think your dumb.

Game Nine versus New Orleans Saints

That was a first down! Replay sucks. CB Marcus Peters, what are you thinking?

Game Ten versus Seattle Seahawks

Nice rebound from tough loss, see ya Seachickens.

Game Eleven versus Kansas City Chiefs

The greatest regular season game I’ve ever seen in 60 years of Rams football, incredible win

Game Twelve versus Detroit Lions

Bye week blues, Rams’ offense looks crummy even though we got the win

Game Thirteen versus Chicago Bears

What the heck was that, Rams’ defense gives up 15 points and we still lose? I want the Bears in the playoffs

Game Fourteen versus Philadelphia Eagles

Panic mode. QB Jared Goff attempted to recreate the “butt fumble” with historic gaffe, by falling down and then trying to throw the ball. Rams better get better fast with only two games left.

Game Fifteen versus Arizona Cardinals

Trade RB Todd Gurley, we got C.J. Anderson.

Game Sixteen versus San Francisco 49’ers

No Gurley, no problem. Niners stink, I love DT Aaron Donald even if he didn’t get record. Rams earn bye week.