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Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers bold predictions: Tight end turnout

The LA Rams are in an almost must-win situation as they host the Niners without the services of RB Todd Gurley. Good thing that Gerald Everett is going to have the game of his life!

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Doing this bold predictions for the past two season has given me several opportunities to predict that Los Angeles Rams’ tight end Gerald Everett will have a breakout game. So, with only one regular season game left, who am I to resist the prospect of big game from Young Gerald Everett?

So, the Rams are most likely going to beat the 4-11 San Francisco 49ers, but without RB Todd Gurley II, some argue that it could be close, but smart money is still on the Rams proving that they are the better team. But what kind of win will it be?

Let’s get bold.

Gerald Everett will have 150+ yards receiving with 2 touchdowns

Coach Sean McVay is going to go with the hot hand, which is 12 Personnel: using two tight ends with one running back. This move is mostly by necessity, since the absence of WR Cooper Kupp and RB Todd Gurley II has made the coaches get creative. However, Young Gerald is playing well and he’s such a big target that it’s about time that he gets some major attention from QB Jared Goff.

This week, Rams fans will be talking about RB John Kelly

RB C.J. Anderson had himself a day last week playing in his first game as a LA Ram, but this week, the ball will be handed to rookie RB John Kelly enough times that he’ll end up with an electrifying run of 60+ yards.

A shutout by the Rams’ defense

Sports writers are hyping up TE George Kittle, confident that he can exploit the weak spots in the Rams’ D — especially the middle linebackers, Mark Barron and Cory Littleton. I say bah humbug to that, as the Rams’ defense has been tightening up lately, only giving up 9 points to the prolific Arizona Cardinals. Ok, that last part should be read in an extremely sarcastic voice, but I was still encouraged.

Jared Goff will not break Kurt Warner’s franchise passing record

I want Jared Goff to throw for 500 yards every game and I’m not saying he’s going to play badly, but he’ll be just shy of the 342 yards needed to break Kurt Warner’s passing record. I just think the offensive plan is to push the run game while Goff plays game manager. He’ll break all sorts of records in the next couple of years, I’m not worried.

The Rams are good enough to be in control of their destiny, which means a win this Sunday. Expect good things from the run game and the tight ends. Rams win, 35-0.