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Random Ramsdom 12/27: everybody plays

The LA Rams are hosting the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday and Coach McVay is calling for all hands on deck.

Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Rams not resting starters vs. Niners, hope to get Gurley back | Rams Wire

The Los Angeles Rams aren’t going to sit back and let the San Francisco 49ers get cute or whatever the hell they have planned. The Rams are going to do everything they can to get a W and secure a first-round bye.

Aaron Donald named defensive player of the week | Rams official site

The man has to eat and the NFL is only recognizing this fact.

Rams can sweep the west with win over San Francisco | Rams official site

This game has stakes and intrigue — can the Rams step up and prove that they’re ready to do some damage in the playoffs and will they get a first-round bye?

The Rams might’ve solved their offensive slump in time for the playoffs | SB Nation

This is some interesting stuff. For the first time this season, Coach Sean McVay implemented the 12 personnel — which is one running back and two tight ends on the field. It does seem that McVay is showing more confidence in young Gerald Everett.

Single-single franchise record within reach for Goff | Rams official site

QB Jared Goff is having a mostly great season. Did you know: Goff’s 4,489 yards passing this season is 4th in the NFL and is 342 yards short of the Rams franchise mark, set by Kurt Warner in 2001. So, yeah... Goff is aware that he needs to hit 342 to get the record, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they treated the record like an afterthought.

And the injury report looks prettttttttty clean.

Larry Fitzgerald defends Suh over eye-poking incident | Rams Wire

DL Ndamukong Suh has carried the reputation as a ‘dirty player’ for a while now and it’s nice to see that when the internet jumped to conclusions (it happens sometimes) about a video that surfaced in which it seemed like Suh was poking Fitzgerald in the eye, sanity was served soon after. Long story short, Fitz went on Twitter to defend his old friend.