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Sosa says thank you

Thank you for the greatest experience ever.

A while ago, one of our resident writers (Hotdaddywags) started a surprise effort to get me to my first Los Angeles Rams game. With much help from an incredible community, I got to experience my first game and it’ll be one that I’ll never forget.

Many of you — both here and on twitter — ensured that I’d get to experience it, and I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and tell you that I appreciate it more than you know. It was an absolutely incredible experience. From visiting the beautiful state of California for the first time, trying my first In-N-Out burger (average), seeing my first Rams game, and getting to experience it all on my 24th birthday.

It was a surreal experience. Unfortunately, the Rams lost (never let me into the Coliseum again). It was a valiant effort, and even though the game ultimately ended in a loss, it was still incredibly exciting and thrilling.

A huge thank you to hotdaddywags for spearheading this, 3k for allowing it, go rams (the professor) for surprising me with a birthday shoutout on the jumbotron as well as a pre-game on-field experience, and my friend Danny for making it all possible. Thank you to everyone who donated, supported, shared, encouraged, offered a ticket, a place to stay, a place to tailgate, and so much more. I’m eternally grateful and I remain indebted to you.

Here are some pictures/videos from the experience:

SS John Johnson III pre-game
CB Marcus Peters pre-game
Tailgating (I’m on the right)

Here’s the RB Todd Gurley touchdown after the overturned touchdown catch from WR Josh Reynolds:

Here’s the TST group:

Wags, Professor, Rob, Myself

That’s what I’ve got to share with you guys, hopefully someone could vicariously live this experience through me.

Again, thank you to everyone who made this possible. It was an amazing experience. Now, let’s go get a ring!