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Turf Show Radio S10E44: Week 15 (v. PHI) recap


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0:44 - PANIC WEEK!

1:36 - Ugly Christmas sweaters used to just be sweaters. In 30 years, what will fill the void once Ugly Christmas sweaters disappear?

3:40 -

4:25 - Rob-o explains “the Curse”

6:25 - Flat Rob-o

7:20 - Panic levels start with Rob: 10.2/10

11:09 - Panic levels continue with Joey: 10/10


14:30 - The Panic of 1857! A reference everyone will surely get!

15:05 - Charlie’s piece on whether or not it’s time to hit the panic button

15:10 - 3k’s panic level? 5/10. #toopositive

16:20 - Joey’s report card and the comments thereof

18:39 - Joey is worried about his main man: QB Jared Goff. And here’s his piece on the idea of Goff being essentially at this point the product he will be for the rest of his career.

21:45 - “This is the lowest my fandom of Jared Goff has been. I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed.”

27:05 - “The mystery of the heart knows no bounds................john kelly........” And yes, Joey nailed it. Michael B. Jordan is absolutely the right casting move for the john kelly fragrance.

28:35 - Rob-o goes in on the quadruple negative rant. Strong.

35:12 - Rob-o outright calls for some Careless Whisper love for WR Cooper Kupp

38:20 - “Every time the Rams run the ball, McVay gets his wings!”