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Kliff Kingsbury chose USC over the Los Angeles Rams because of talent

The Former Texas Tech head coach went on the Dan Patrick show and revealed some interesting info about his decision not to join Sean McVay’s coaching staff.

Houston v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Kilff Kingsbury was the head coach for Texas Tech from 2011-2018, eventually losing his job, but still making an impact as a young coach with great leadership qualities. NBC Sports uploaded the video from the Dan Patrick Show in which Kingsbury calls in and explains his reasoning for joining the USC Trojans as an offensive coordinator.

But the juicy part for Los Angeles Rams fans is the moment in the interview when Dan Patrick asks him how close he was to joining the Rams. “Close,” he says. Kingsbury goes on to praise Sean McVay’s coaching style, even calling him a “great dude.” He doesn’t get into specifics, obviously, so right now we’ll just have to accept the ol’ chestnut of USC being the “right place at the right time.

It was good to see Dan Patrick press Kingsbury about the subject of coaching in the NFL and while Kingsbury doesn’t reject the possibility, he keeps going back to the idea that USC’s talent was just too good to pass up.

Eyebrows were most likely raised in the front office of the Rams when they heard that the public reason Kingsbury gave was that he preferred to be around the talent of the Trojans and not the Rams. Of course, whatever the real reason Kingsbury used in joining USC won’t be said on a radio show and if I had to wager on it, it’s probably money.

In a week where the LA Rams are being knocked off their Super Bowl contender pedestal, this is another story that proves that the Rams aren’t the only big show in town.