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Los Angeles Rams CB Marcus Peters heat checks fan in stands; discipline forthcoming?

If there was a single moment that encapsulated the current Rams meltdown, this was it.

If you needed a single encapsulation of everything going wrong with the Los Angeles Rams right now, this might be it: CB Marcus Peters getting into it (though I can’t even tell what the hell “it” even is aside from Peters’ obvious frustration) with a fan:

And per Rich Hammond of the Orange County Register and Los Angeles Daily News, Rams Head Coach Sean McVay will address the incident today at media availability:

Celebrity Rams fan and Saturday Night Live alumni Taran Killian weighed in on the fracas:

We’ll have to see what McVay says and what comes of this, but it could be little to nothing.

More than anything, it’s just indicative of the frustration right now that’s obvious among fans but that might be bubbling up in the locker room as well.

The bottom line is that the Rams are in the deepest rut of the season on the first two-game losing skid in McVay’s tenure with the playoffs just two games away.

Stay tuned.