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Los Angeles Rams vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Report card says “Bah humbug...”

The LA Rams delivered a bland performance, and now the grades are in!

Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

“Almost” doesn’t put you to sleep at night. When the Los Angeles Rams took the field to host the Philadelphia Eagles, hopes were high for a uplifting win. By the 4th quarter, fans were just hoping for a disappointing win. Well, we got an “almost,” so that’s something, I guess.

Let’s dish out some grades, shall we?


C grade

QB Jared Goff threw the ball 54 times. 35 of those instances, he completed a pass, but none of those moments ended up with a touchdown. Goff is quickly turning into a dink n’ dunk guy. For the second straight game, Jared Goff looked shook. The kid can rack up the stats, but his accuracy caused a lot of palms to smack foreheads.

Running Backs

C grade

RB Todd Gurley II scored two touchdowns and fought through most of the game with a bum knee. So yeah, he only ran for 48 yards, but he was the beating heart of the offense as he usually is, catching 10 passes for 76 yards. If only he was healthy in the second half.

Tight Ends

C grade

TE Tyler Higbee and TE Gerald Everett did fine.

Wide Recievers

B grade

Watching the game, I was mad at the WR corps, but most of that anger fell to WR Josh Reynolds, who dropped too many passes. Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks did their jobs, but no one was electric.

Offensive Line

D grade

Has the offensive line showed their age? Are they essentially the target demographic for CBS procedural dramas? Aside from LT Andrew Whitworth, the O-line seemed like they were cooked. The run game couldn’t get going and they all just seemed... off. I’m not sure how you fix “old and slow” going into the playoffs, but the offensive line needs whatever magic trick that is.

Defensive Line


The Eagles run game was kept in check, but QB Nick Foles was nice and comfortable in his pocket as DE Aaron Donald had another quiet game on Sunday night.


D grade

These guys suck.

Defensive backs


Are all of these guys, save for John Johnson III secretly injured? CB Aqib Talib had an interception, which was nice and all, but he still seemed like a shell of his former self at times.

Special Teams

D grade

WR JoJo Natson should called for a fair catch and I’m still mad about it.


B plus grade

This wasn’t Coach McVay’s problem, at least with his coaching on the field. The players themselves should probably own this loss.

Even though the Rams put themselves in position to make a comeback at the end of the game, it never really felt like they were the better team. They just felt like they wanted to be somewhere else. This isn’t a great spot in the season to slump like this, so let’s hope they bounce back next week against Arizona.