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Los Angeles Rams vs. Philadelphia Eagles 2nd half live updates gamethread

Adjustments, adjustments, adjustments.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we got a battle on our hands.

With our boy Sosa having made the trip from Canada to the confines of the Coli, the Los Angeles Rams are locked in a tight battle with the Philadelphia Eagles tied 13-13 at the half.

This game is going to come down to adjustments though that’s an obvious conclusion with the two teams tied. But between the Eagles picking on Rams CB Aqib Talib using WR Alshon Jeffery late and the Rams struggling to pass protect for QB Jared Goff effectively for deeper route combinations, things are going to change in the final 30 minutes of football.

Two things from our side’s perspective.

One, the Rams leaned very heavily on RB Todd Gurley both on the ground but also as a primary passing target early on in the scripted playcalling. Then, they did not. That’s a thing to monitor.

Two, the offensive line, moreso than QB Jared Goff, has experienced the most precipitous decline since the bye week. What has happened? Is it a harbinger of a major impending issue that the Rams have little mitigating strategy for or an extended anomaly? And how does that affect these next two quarters with DL Fletcher Cox remaining a true game-changer by himself?

Adjust or die.

Our young Canadian boy deserves as much.