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NFL Week 15 Saturday open thread

There’s NFL being played on Saturday. Silly NFL teams...

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday NFL games?! It’s a Christmas miracle!

Houston Texans (9-4) at New York Jets (4-9), 4:30pm ET

A matchup between two teams living in two totally different spots in their divisional standings. The Texans currently sit atop the AFC South, two games ahead of the Colts and Titans (both at 7-6) . So yeah, the Texans will be taking this game seriously.

Flip side, the Jets are bad. Like Buffalo Bills level bad.

Cleveland Browns (5-7-1) at Denver Broncos (6-7), 8:30pm ET

Yawn. But GO BROWNS, amirite?

This one does have playoff implications, as these teams currently sit at 10 (Broncos) and 11 (Browns) in the AFC. A loss here, for either team, effectively ends all hope. But the Baltimore Ravens (7-6) are currently in the 6th and final wild card spot in the AFC, so...yeah, GO BROWNS!

Now you talk.