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Los Angeles Rams vs. Philadelphia Eagles: week 15 bold predictions show a huge bounce back game

Once again in the national spotlight, the LA Rams have a big opportunity to make last week look like ancient history.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are huge home favorites in their Week 15 game vs. the Philadelphia Eagles, who just happen to be the defending Super Bowl champs. In case you haven’t been reading or watching TV that has “sports” in the description, the Eagles are now starting last year’s Super Bowl MVP at QB, aka: Nick Foles. This season has been quite a ride.

The game is literally set-up by the football gods in a such a way that the Rams could easily look like Super Bowl favorites again. And these days, last week is the new last year. That being stated, the Rams seem poised to pick apart the weak Eagles defensive backs while also having a strong day on defense as they face off against an Eagles offense that could have timing issues. So, how is this thing going to play out you ask?

Let’s get bold.

Coach McVay doesn’t call any passing plays for the first two drives

The Chicago Bears were keyed in on Sean McVay’s play calling last Sunday night and I believe that one of the game plans going into this Eagles matchup is all about setting up the play action. Look for some jet sweeps to mix in with the Todd Gurley II show. And yes, Mr. Gurley is going to have a monster game with over 28 touches and 200+ yards on the ground.

Jared Goff will throw for six touchdowns

With a first quarter that will be all Todd Gurley, Goff will step up and use the play action as a way of getting some easy red zone TDs to TE Gerald Everett and my man, WR Robert Woods. Also, the chestpunt will get at least two of those TDs.

Nick Foles is going to have an embarrassing game

The panic button will be permanently broken after this game once the Eagles faithful get their eyes on QB Nick Foles — I don’t think he’s going to be the same guy as last year. I’m not a scientist, so I can’t give you a legit reason why I feel like Foles is going to choke, it’s just an optimistic feeling that lives in my heart.

This game will be over by the second quarter

Coach McVay is going to come out with all of his weapons on full blast. In fact, this will be a complete and impressive game by every unit of the team — an absolute annihilation. Rams win, 56-6.