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Los Angeles Rams at Chicago Bears: Five Bears to watch revisited

The Rams had a chance to clinch a playoff bye, instead they got punched in mouth and opened up some questions.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams traveled to take on the Chicago Bears for Sunday Night Football. A defensive battle, the lone touchdown went to an offensive lineman. The Rams fell 15-6, victim of the vaunted Bears defense that prevented the Rams from scoring a touchdown. Typically, offensive players steal the show for headlines and previews but there was a reason why my preview of the Bears had more defenders than offensive players.

The Bears got the job done on Sunday night as both teams will now try to end the season on a high note as they enter the playoffs. Let’s revisit the players that helped slow down the Rams run.

QB Mitchell Trubisky

The Bears got their quarterback back. Frankly, he didn’t look too healthy as some of his throws were simply put, horrible. Jared Goff didn’t help though as he made Trubisky look much better given the circumstances. Trubisky finished the game with 16/30 passing for 110 yards (3.7 avg) with one touchdown to three interceptions. Trubisky’s QBR was 31.9 and considering his touchdown pass was to an offensive lineman on a trick alignment play, let’s just say this wasn’t a game for young players to learn from.

DL Akiem Hicks

Hicks was a monster for the Bears. his sack essentially ended the game and he was active with three total tackles, a sack, and QB hit.

His postgame interview also didn’t disappoint.

RB Tarik Cohen

Cohen had a good game with a couple of long runs. Overall, Cohen rushed for 69 yards (on nine carries for a 7.7 average) and caught four passes for 20 yards. The defense had to pay attention to Cohen for most of the game which helped open things up for other players.

CB Kyle Fuller

Fuller had a decent game with four total tackles and a pass defended. In addition, Fuller happened to pick off Jared Goff (although three other Bears did too). Right after the Rams had taken some of the momentum with their own interception, Fuller benefited from a poor throw to immediately get the ball back for his team.

LB Danny Trevathan

Trevathan had a quiet game as Roquan Smith seems to have really emerged as the tackling machine for the Bears defense. Trevathan finished the game with two total tackles and frankly wasn’t really necessary as RB Todd Gurley only had 11 rushing attempts. With Trevathan not even really being active, the Bears defense flexed their depth and talent as they prevented the Rams from scoring a touchdown.