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Los Angeles Rams at Chicago Bears: Highlight/Lowlight

Both the highlight and lowlight this week were turnovers, but which is the question.

Los Angeles Rams v Chicago Bears Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams struggled offensively though they had a strong showing on the defensive side of the ball. That’s become a bit of a strange occurrence because the season as a whole has been the exact opposite. The Chicago Bears played a similar brand of football on Sunday night, though they did just enough offensively to secure the win.

Let’s take a look at the highlight and lowlight of the game:


(Google AMP and Apple News readers will need to click here to see the clip)

I picked this as the lowlight because it turned out to be the turning point and the beginning of the end for the Rams. First, why are the Rams lined up five-wide on first down on the opponents 27-yard line? It was just a bad miscalculation of how the game was called by Head Coach Sean McVay. RB Todd Gurley needs to be used at this point in the game and field, and was simply neglected. Anyways, to combat a bad play call, QB Jared Goff has a clean pocket for majority of the play and continuously stares down WR Josh Reynolds on an out route. It’s likely the easiest interception CB Kyle Fuller will make in his career as it was a pitch-and-catch.

Why was it the lowlight? Well, literally one play prior, SS John Johnson III intercepted an errant throw from QB Mitch Trubisky and returned it all the way into scoring position for the offense, and this was the repayment for his efforts.


(Google AMP and Apple News readers will need to click here to see the clip)

This was probably the best play of the game because CB Marcus Peters not only forced the interception, but had the ability to turn into a ball carrier and nearly returned it for a touchdown. Ultimately, the offense sputtered on the next possession but the three points they received from the defensive play was exactly half of their total production.