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Los Angeles Rams on Thousand Oaks tragedy

A somber time away from football.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Kickoff for Charity Luncheon Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the Los Angeles Rams prepare for a week 10 bout with the division rival Seattle Seahawks, the city of Thousand Oaks (where many players live and the Rams call home just a few miles away) is undergoing a tragedy.

There was yet another mass shooting and this time it struck incredibly close to home to the Rams.

The Rams released a statement yesterday on the tragic events and said they will have a moment of silence prior to the game in week 10:

Here are some pulled quotes from yesterday’s tragedy:

Head Coach Sean McVay:

Our organization’s thoughts and prayers are with the families and the victims that were affected by this terrible act that took place in our area.

LT Andrew Whitworth:

I just don’t believe that sitting there wondering is the best way. Find a way to put your feet on the ground and take action and get involved in some way.

Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips:

Our players are genuinely and greatly concerned about it.

All of the videos are linked here.