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Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints: Fans overreact to shaky defense and aggressive playcalling

There were some frustrating aspects that fans keyed in on during a very exciting game in the Big Easy.

Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams played a solid game on the road, putting up 35 points against a good New Orleans Saints defense. The only problem was that the Saints offense scored 45. The game proved that the Rams aren’t the only elite team in the NFC. So, why the panic from Rams Twitter? Because it’s Twitter and panic is one of the main ingredients in 2018.

Best Overreaction:

CB Marcus Peters is a legit liability on defense; the Rams would be insane to resign him if he continues to play like this.

When the Rams acquired Marcus Peters, the knock on him was that he was an emotional ball-hawk that would have his great days and his extremely frustrating days. That’s the player that we saw with the Kansas City Chiefs and on Sunday, we got the latter, with an embarrassing showing. Peters was obviously not the only reason the Rams defense struggled, but he was the biggest name that fans could use as a scapegoat. Yeah, it’s unfair, but the numbers fit, so rage away, Ramily. I’m thinking that Peters might be walking at the end of the season; it’s been that rough for him in his tenure with the Rams.

I would love for Marcus Peters to turn it around during the second half of the season. Who knows what needs to happen, the return of Aqib Talib perhaps? But right now, the cornerbacks for the Rams are playing similar to the presumed weak spot for the team: the linebackers.

Worst Overreaction:

Coach Sean McVay screwed up and got too cute on Sunday, going for it on 4th down when they should have played more conservative on the road. And RB Todd Gurley needed way more than 13 carries!

It was obvious that the Rams were going to shift to a pass-happy offense once the Saints proved that they were going to score on almost every drive in the first half. However, it was hard to watch Todd Gurley not get the rock when the offensive line was playing so well. And many Rams fans were enraged that P Johnny Hekker was running for a first down instead of Gurley. But the Saints defensive line were able to provide an answer for Gurley in the first half that many of the other teams that the Rams played this season could not come up with. So, it didn’t bother me that Jared Goff threw the ball 40 times.

But the way McVay coached the Rams was also exciting, surprising, and gutsy. The way Coach Sean McVay coaches is in stark contrast to the way the old crusty dudes handle their business in the NFL. But guys like Doug Pederson and McVay are the future and it’s going to be a mix of thrilling and maddening — you know, however the football bounces. In this case, the Rams didn't get the calls they needed to get and relied on chance too many times.

But I don’t think McVay got “too cute.” If anything, he got “too unlucky.” McVay is a guy that’s constantly thinking of ways to outsmart the opposing team and I can’t get mad at that. More often than not, he’s going to lead the Rams to victory.