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Turf Show Radio S10E38: Week 9 (@NO) recap

Joe, Rob-O and Joey O unpack the very exciting but disappointing loss in New Orleans.

0:00 — Check It Out!

1:15 — What will go down as the famous lost episode of Turf Show Radio...

2:45 — Watching the Los Angeles Rams game at the Oaks Tavern with a Bloody Mary


5:00 — “Come on King Goffrey!”

13:30 — Just three dudes from the New Orleans Saints

15:20 — The Saints keyed in on CB Marcus Peters as he had a very, very, bad game

19:50 — Dante Fowler Jr. had his first game — thoughts?

21:30 — The Rams’ defense in the first and second half (two different teams?)

22:35 — The positive side of coming from behind on the road

23:05 — QB Jared Goff had a damn good game

24:05 — The aggressiveness of McVay didn’t work out, but are we still cool with it?

26:50 — The tight ends showed up, especially Young Gerald Everett!

27:20 —

29:30 — Gurley’s performance was slowed down but how about Malcolm Brown?

31:00 — Was this is a positive loss, or is that a thing Rams fans believe in?

35:00 — Rams fans aren’t used to their team being good enough to deal with adversity

41:15 — Ol’ AW needs a meat pie to feel better about his losses in Louisiana

43:10 — College football talk — LSU got blown out by Alabama

45:15 — Shea Patterson from Michigan could be a backup for Goff one day soon

49:05 — How is Rams roster shaping up for injured guys coming back?

50:15 — 2019 roster needs

51:20 — The future of S Lamarcus Joyner