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Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints: Report card doesn’t give CB Marcus Peters a passing grade...

It was a hard-fought disappointment for the LA Rams, and it shows it on the report card.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


A minus grade

QB Jared Goff made the throws he needed to make and wasn’t accurate at times. And he forced a throw to WR Brandin Cooks that resulted in an interception. I still can’t be mad at Jared for his play — 391 yards with 3 TDs and 1 INT is worth a A- in my book.

Running Backs

B minus grade

The running backs were more effective as receivers, but we knew the New Orleans Saints were going to be stout with their run game defense and they were — only 92 yards on the ground. It was great to see RB Malcolm Brown get into the end zone. Not the worst showing, but not good enough to win this Sunday.

Tight Ends

A grade

Finally! TE Tyler Higbee had a great game as a block and had some moments as a pass catcher as well. And Young Gerald Everett showed up and almost had this breakout performance. So, this grade may be a stretch, but for the growth that this unit has showed, I’ll give them the A.

Wide Receivers

A grade

The three starters for the Los Angeles Rams in the wide receiver position played great; they were not the reason the Rams lost. All three guys did what they needed to do — and man, WR Robert Woods is always reliable and Cooper Kupp is back!

Offensive Line

B minus grade

While the running game didn’t dominate, QB Jared Goff was uprigh all game and the line allowed him to throw for almost 400 yards.


C grade

The Saints got 31 first downs and it felt like the linebackers were connected to all of those plays. LB Mark Barron seemed lost most of the game and OLB Dante Fowler Jr. had a rough first half, but did played better in the second half. I’d also had out a worse grade if it wasn’t for LB Cory Littleton’s play — I just like his play.

Defensive Line

C minus

The line got shredded by the Saints running game, or AKA: Alvin Kamara, who ran for 82 yards and 2 touchdowns. But the line also couldn’t get to QB Drew Brees, allowing him to throw for 346 yards and 4 touchdowns — no sacks... woof.

Defensive Backs

D minus grade

CB Marcus Peters got torched by WR Michael Thomas, that’s all there is to it. That’s what this game came down to — the Rams couldn’t contain the passing game by the Saints. Thomas was everywhere and it was humiliating.

Special Teams


The Rams needed every advantage possible and the missed 51 yard kick by K Greg Zuerlein was a backbreaker. I loved the P Johnny Hekker’s hustle to get a first down and even though it didn’t work out, Hekker played well with a good 47 yard kick.


B grade

The execution didn’t work out for the Rams in New Orleans, but the aggressiveness by Sean McVay is admirable. Some would argue that the Rams should have played more conservatively on the road against such a good team, but the balls on McVay was pretty fun to watch. To put it bluntly — McVay put the Rams in line to win the game; they just didn’t.