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Random Ramsdom 11/30: Top-seeded Rams prepare for Detroit

Have a look at the best links of the day

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys’ upset of New Orleans Saints vaults Los Angeles Rams into #1 seed in NFC | TurfShowTimes

Normally, I wouldn’t link to an article right here on TST, but just in case you were living under a rock or unavoidably detained Thursday night, the Rams are now in control of their own destiny for the top seed in the NFC.

Rams linebacker Cory Littleton went from undrafted to top tackler in two years | OC Register

Solid rags to riches tale here from Rich Hammond about Cory Littleton, who despite some growing pains is quietly putting together an excellent season. Also: UW Husky.

Rams, Chargers take center stage | LA Times

Don’t look now, but we could be looking at an Owners vs. Renters Super Bowl. Hopefully, the devastating loss will ease the Chargers’ move back to San Diego.

Quotes & Notes 11/29/18: Gurley Talks Potentially Clinching NFC West | Rams’ Official

One step at a time: Rams must first clinch the NFC West before we crown then the top seed in the NFC.

With Talib set to return, Rams remain upbeat about defence | TSN

This is a Canadian website, so they spell “defense” funny — but great read here about the state of the Rams’ defense and what Talib’s return could potentially mean.

Matthew Stafford laughs off Ndamukong Suh diss | 247Sports

Sometimes we laugh when we are trying to avoid crying. As the Lions’ season continues its downward spiral, apparently one guy’s still all smiles.

NOTEBOOK: Stafford knows Lions need to execute to keep up with Rams | Lions Official

Stranger things have happened: Dallas just beat New Orleans. If the Lions can keep pace with the Rams’ high-flying offense, QB Matthew Stafford will need to play his best game of the season.

L.A. Rams’ offense near impossible to stop. What Detroit Lions will see | Detroit Free Press

Good stuff from behind enemy lines. Despite all the makings of a trap game, there’s not much chance the Lions can slow down LA’s juggernaut attack.

Ndamukong Suh Ahead of Return to Detroit: “I think everyone wants a Super Bowl.” | Rams Official

Maybe he really did come here to win. Or maybe no one else was going to pay a guy $14m for what’s shaping up to be a one-and-done engagement. Some of the more candid comments from Suh all season here.

5 things to know about Rams vs. Lions in Week 13 | RamsWire

It’s a post with a list of things, kind of like what we do here, only it’s a slightly different list. One takeaway: Detroit has more sacks than the Rams, despite just six from their team leader.

Wade Phillips: Samson Ebukam ‘had one of the greatest games ever’ against the Chiefs | Rams Wire

He really did. The man was a HOLY TERROR. As I wrote in my Five Rams to watch column, it’ll be really interesting so see which Samson Ebukam shows up on Sunday.

Matt Patricia: I learned more from Aqib Talib than he did from me | RamsWire

Let’s hope Aqib saved some learning for this Sunday. It hasn’t exactly been unicorns and rainbows for the Lions first-year head coach, and though one can appreciate the candor, if you read between the lines you can see a tiny hand waving a tiny white flag from under the burly curls of Patricia’s Beard Of Overcompensation.