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Who missed out on the NFL Hall of Fame because of injuries?

Let’s do a little something different today!

Seattle Seahawks v Carolina Panthers

An NFL season is a long and arduous journey littered with bruises at every stop. Every year fantastic players are lost for extended periods of time when succumbing to injury. Some short, some long, and some career ending.

It’s always fun to look back in history and speculate, which is why I pose the question:

Had they been blessed with a clean bill of health, who’s the one player you’re sure would have made the NFL Hall of Fame?

For me, it’s former Carolina Panthers and New York Giants MLB Jon Beason. Beason was a first-round pick (25th overall) by the Panthers in 2007. In his first four NFL seasons, Beason missed 0 games starting in 16 games every year. He accumulated 540 tackles, 4 sacks, 29 pass deflections, 8 interceptions, and 3 forced fumbles in those four years. He also racked up three Pro Bowl awards and two All-Pro awards. That’s where things took a turn for the worst though as Beason succumbed to all sorts of injuries in the following years from torn Achilles’ and knee issues/surgeries. In the remaining five years of his career, Beason only played in 29 games and ultimately had to retire at the age of 31.

So, that’s the guy I’d choose as a dominant player (was once the highest paid LB in NFL history) who was well on his way to establishing a great legacy that was derailed by injury.

Who do you got?