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Turf Show Radio S10E40: Week 11 (vs. KC) recap

It was billed as the Game of the Year©. And man alive, did it deliver. 3k, Rob-o and Joey O relive the biggest game of the 2018 Los Angeles Rams’ season. With sound effects!

00:35 - Kids get you sick. Don’t have them.

5:00 - Game of the Year©

6:50 - LA showed up in prime time

8:40 - We moved to LA because of the field conditions, but we still had injuries

10:30 - Rob-o talks about his love for Shakira

12:00 - Was this the best ESPN can do for a big-time broadcast?

14:57 -

16:05 - What did Jared Goff say to Andy Reid to get him so mad?

17:30 - The new narrative that this was the beginning of the new NFL

21:00 - Todd Gurley II was not 100%, but that’s OK for now

24:50 - McVay’s use of timeouts

26:00 - Aaron Donald made the difference in the game; he’s still underpaid!

27:55 - Goff’s first career signature win

34:15 - A lot guys on the offense stepped up with Cooper Kupp out for the year

36:22 - Let’s talk about the refs

39:00 - Jared Goff eats a casserole gift from Ol’ AW