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Random Ramsdom 11/20: How ‘bout them apples?!

Links from the aftermath of the Rams’ epic Monday night win

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs and Rams Gave Us Football at It’s Most Insane and Glorious | The Big Lead

In what many are calling the greatest game in NFL history, the Rams and the Chiefs put on a show for the ages. Instant analysis aplenty here, all of which points to how incredibly epic this game truly was.

Rams Prevail In Super Bowl Light, But The Real Winner Is The NFL | Forbes

Say what you will about the state of defense in the modern NFL (I’ve said plenty), but if we’re looking at more games like this one, what’s not to love? It’s not often I get texts from my mom and two ex’s during one game. Tecmo Bowl is reality.

Fans loved Rams-Chiefs ‘Monday Night Football’ instant classic | Larry Brown Sports

It’ll take a while to digest. And I’m glad I bought laundry detergent yesterday, because... yeah, this game was a real benchmark for the 2018 season and beyond. Where do we go from here? Well, into a bye week, for starters. Whew.

Chiefs WR Sammy Watkins sees limited time in return |

During the preseason, when the Los Angeles Rams let Sammy Watkins walk and traded for Marcus Peters, many pointed to their eventual showdown on the gridiron. It didn’t quite work out that way, as the overpaid and oft-injured Watkins was barely on the field.

VIDEO: Andy Reid, Marcus Peters hug following ‘MNF’ thriller | Rams Official

Awwww. Hey, good to see it. Papa Bear Andy Reid is a good dude, and a hell of a coach, and his manly embrace of his traded CB is nice to see. Peters didn’t get torched on the night, and was able to secure what should have been a game-sealing INT.

Alexander: Rams-Chiefs was played where it belonged | OC Register

Absolutely. Given the events that have transpired in Southern California of late, many hitting very close to home for the Rams, the Coliseum was a fitting place for such a legendary battle. The community deserved it.

Saints may have a tougher road to the top seed in the NFC than the Rams | Ramblin’ Fan

On paper, New Orleans does indeed have a bit tougher schedule. They seem to be doing just fine, though. Even at 10-1, the Rams will need to more or less win out if they’re to edge the Saints for home field throughout.

Twitter reacts to Aaron Donald’s dominant game vs. Chiefs | RamsWire

Aaron Donald is pretty good. The Twitter is convinced.

Twitter rips ‘all-star’ officiating crew for Rams-Chiefs game | RamsWire

Lots of laundry on Monday night, but it did seem to go both ways. Twitter reacts.

In the unsung heroes category:

In the “yes, that game really was that crazy” column:

And, finally, in the “Mahomes is awesome, but still” department: