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@AlexRollinsNFL Los Angeles Rams film review

Take a look at one of the concepts known as the “Yankee Concept” and how Head Coach Sean McVay maximizes the possibilities.

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

If you thought that the Head Coach of the Los Angeles Rams in Sean McVay was a genius, well, you were right.

McVay has shown an innate ability to step into a new role for himself as a first-time HC and his offensive skills haven’t faltered because of it. Matter of fact, they might have improved. McVay is a masterful play caller and play designer and it’s all evident as the Rams have averaged over 30 points per game in both seasons he’s been the coach.

As mentioned earlier, Alex Rollins dove into the all-22 and picked one of McVay’s favorite concepts in the “Yankee concept”. Rollins broke it down showing what the play sets out to accomplish and why it works:

The Yankee concept is generally a 2 (or 3) man route combo where the Rams use a strong play action fake off of outside zone which makes up majority of their rushing attack. With that being the case, one of the receivers will run a deep route known as a “clear out”; generally the speedy receiver is used here. That was Sammy Watkins’ role last year and Brandin Cooks’ this year. The opposite receiver runs a dig into the vacated zones from linebackers being sucked up in to stop the run.

Anyways, have a look at the video as Rollins did a great job expanding further and showing how McVay’s schemed off the success of the Yankee concept.