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Los Angeles Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs: The Professor’s preview

Mexico City comes to LA.

Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams will be flying back from Colorado Springs on Saturday after practicing in the Rockies to get accumulated to the altitude in anticipating playing the Kansas City Chiefs in Mexico City on Monday night.

Instead, the NFL decided to move the game from Mexico City due to poor field conditions at the Estadio Azteca stadium. Rams fans are understandably excited to have game back in LA. Sure it sucks for fans of both teams who paid hard-earned money for airfare, hotel rooms and tickets to get to Mexico, but player safety is paramount even if this does set a dangerous precedent.

Many have suggested this game will be a preview of the Super Bowl between two high-powered offenses and marginally successful defenses. Despite the fact the Rams have a very slight edge to over the Chiefs on the defensive side of the ball, it can be legitimately argued that both teams share equally in all statistical categories.

When a regular season game is as hyped up as this one, the key to victory is preparation-FOCUS. “Practice makes perfect” isn’t just a throwaway line. Executing the proper game plan is paramount.

By practicing in Colorado this week, the team escaped the ongoing distractions in Southern California the past week.

Taking this into account, I like the Rams to win this one.

As a diehard Rams fan having lived my entire life in Los Angeles, I’m taking off my professorial moniker. Our Rams are not going to disappoint. They’re going to play like champions putting on a show only an ultra glamorous movie premiere can do.

Away from the distractions, Head Coach Sean McVay has come up with the script for victory. The players on offense, defense and special teams know their marks and all their lines.

The hype for this game is extraordinary for a regular season game. Two teams who could be playing each other in Super Bowl LIII. A nationally-televised spectacle. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum which hasn’t hosted a primetime Monday Night Football game in over 30 years. A nation watching to know which team is really the best the NFL.

It’s lights, camera, action time.

Angelenos our time has come. We’re ready, infused with renewed hope and optimism. We believe again.

After all this is Hollywood, the place where dreams are made of.