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Los Angeles Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Boldly predicting Jared Goff to outshine Patrick Mahomes

Rams fans are expecting the toughest competition of the season. Are we going to get an epic QB shootout?

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

This buildup for Week 11 has been spectacular for the Los Angeles Rams.

Rams fans have had this game penciled in as a special game ever since it was announced as it has it all — two young star QBs in Jared Goff and Patrick Mahomes II, two big-time running backs in Todd Gurley and Kareem Hunt, and the idea that these two teams could very well meet again in the Super Bowl. And now that the game has been moved from Mexico City to Los Angeles after poor field conditions made it practically a dealbreaker for anonymous players...

It’s time for LA to take center stage.

Let’s get bold.

Goff outduels Mahomes with 450+ yards and 6 TDs

On the primetime stage, Goff is going to turn some heads showing that he deserves more respect. Since that’s not that much of a bold prediction, let’s go big. The Rams’ defense will make Mahomes look pedestrian. You heard it here first: this will be the game that gains tons of “Goff is just as elite as Mahomes” believers.

ILB Cory Littleton helps shut down TE Travis Kelce

One of the weaknesses of the Rams’ defense is their ability to stop big pass-catching tight ends. If the Oakland Raiders can exploit the Rams with TE Jared Cook, then Kelce should dominate on MNF, right? Nope. My bold prediction is that Kelce only has 3 catches for less than 40 yards and no touchdowns.

Cooper Kupp who? 3 TDs for WR Josh Reynolds

A big athletic target like Reynolds is bound to get some opportunities in the NFL, and there’s no better time than when the world is watching. I have to give some credit to @SeattleRams_nfl for bringing up this prediction on our Turf Show Radio podcast, but what can I say, it just feels right.

Pick six for CB Troy Hill

Everyone loves a feel good story. Hill showing that he deserves to be on that field fits in my book.

Honestly, I have no idea what’s going to happen with this game; no one does. But if we’re being bold (and we are), the Rams are gonna blow this one wide open in the second half, 51-30.