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Turf Show Radio S10E39: Week 11 (vs.KC) preview

3K, Rob O, and Joey O cover all the topics, including the MNF move from Mexico City to Los Angeles. Give it a listen.

00:49 — The Seattle Seahawks win

1:40 — Thanksgiving week; how are the boys prepping? Joe does NOT mess around with the meats.

7:00 — The fires and how the Los Angeles Rams are working with the community.

9:45 — Oscar Talk with Joey (is Ralph Breaks the Internet a porn or a kid’s movie)

14:15 — Did Shakira’s butt ruin the field in Mexico City and the fallout from the failed International MNF game.

15:30 — Rob O breaks down the different kind of grass and sod needed for soccer and football and how the players forced the change over to LA.

16:30 — The photos galvanized the furry over the field and not just reporting.

21:00 — Was this game moved because it was a special international game?

21;44 — The Rams as the favorite child of the NFL; Raiders? Not so much.

23:30 — Now QB Jared Goff can’t go to the original Taco Bell in Mexico City! Bummer, bro.

26:30 — The game has been taking a backseat to the drama, but now it’s a football game.

26:45 — Injury report and discussion about WR Cooper Kupp.

28: 22 — Possibly the best game of the season without playoff implications.

30:50 — Patrick Mahomes II puts ketchup on everything and it’s a crime against his home state of Texas. A deep discussion.

38:00 — Marcus Peters and Patrick Mahomes — a special rivalry.

40:20 — Travis Kelce might be a problem for the Rams’ D.

42:00 — The biggest over/under EVER since Abraham Lincoln!!!

43:10 — The most 80s podcast ever that’s not about the 1980s.

43:35 — Bold predictions.

45:35 — Response to the Ringer video about the cult of Sean McVay.

51:25 — The amazing clip of Sean McVay running down the sidelines. The Tom Cruise of head coaches.

53:35 — Does Sean McVay think Thanksgiving is a distraction from watching tape?

55:45 — Joe and Rob O have a disagreement about the DL Aaron Donald scuffle with C Justin Britt.

59:00 — Why are the boys talking about Alf? And Night Court?

59:30 — Rams get flexed for the Chicago Bears game!

1:00:55 — The nature of the late bye week (week 12).

1:02:15 — We’re looking forward to CB Aqib Talib coming back, like a lot.

1:02:45 — College talk with Joe and two guys who don’t care. It’s fun.

1:08:00 — Joe is talking mocks! Finally!

1:10:15 — In-N-Out french fries are amazing to some and gross by others.