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Random Ramsdom 11/13: Jared Goff thrilled Halle Berry heard him use her name as an audible

This and more great links from around the Rams-verse!

Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff throws a pass against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 10, Nov. 11, 2018. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Jared Goff thrilled Halle Berry heard him use her name as an audible | Rams Wire

Let the man dream I guess.

No time for Seahawks to recover from being overrun by Rams | Fox Sports

They have a Thursday night game against the Packers coming up. We’re all Cheeseheads this week fam because if Aaron Rodgers & Co. beat the Seahawks, then that’s one step closer to the Rams clinching the division. Add a Seahawks loss to the fact that the...

Rams open as favorites over Chiefs, highest over/under in NFL history | Rams Wire

In what promises to be a high flying, high scoring, Super Bowl preview, the Rams are going south of the border to play the Chiefs. Odds have us beating the Chiefs, which combined — like I said above — with a Seahawks loss would mean that...

Rams can clinch division and playoff berth this week | Pro Football Talk

The Rams can come back from the bye and go on a monster losing streak (please don’t though thanks), and still be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. Not that there’s really any thought that if not this week, then probably soon after the bye, but still, it’d be nice to have that out of the way, and apparently we tie some kind of record, and who doesn’t like records? WOOO!

NFL Plans on Chiefs vs. Rams Staying in Mexico City Despite Field Issues | Bleacher Report

Speaking of the MNF Mexico game, the field down there looks ROUGH. Like not just a little. Hopefully the NFL takes the time — and money — it’s going to take to bring the field up to playing standards, otherwise, it’s just asking for someone to get hurt. And my heart can’t take another injury since...

Rams receiver Cooper Kupp out for the season with torn ACL | OC Register

I know this probably doesn’t come as news to anyone, the news has been everywhere since Sunday, but I was holding out hope. This is going to be hard hit to the Rams offense. And speaking of hard hits...

Aaron Donald’s 2.5 sacks against Seattle give him season-best 12.5 ... with six games to go | LA Times

And with that, he broke the franchise single season sack record for a defensive tackle, previously held by GSOT Alum D’Marco Farr. But while everyone may be happy FOR Aaron Donald, not everyone is happy WITH Aaron Donald...

Rams coach Sean McVay dismayed by personal foul penalties, including Aaron Donald outburst | OC Register

There were fights and self inflicted wounds in the form of Personal Fouls all through Sunday’s game. And it’s definitely not going unnoticed by Coach McVay. In the we not me culture, everyone is held to the same standards and everyone is held accountable when they fail to meet them.