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Los Angeles Rams DT Michael Brockers: “We’d be 7-9 if Jeff Fisher was still here”

Wow, this is a nuke so-to-speak.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Things are going perfectly for the Los Angeles Rams.

Perfect season. Dominant offense. Opportunistic defense. Arguably the best coaching staff in the league. Fun to watch and look stylish doing it.

I actually wouldn’t blame you if you tried to erase every Rams related memory from 2012-2016.

What happened in those years?

Well, Jeffrey Michael Fisher happened.

DT Michael Brockers was recently on FS1 and was asked what the Rams’ record would be had Fisher still been the coach.

Take a look:

Here’s the question and answer:

Leahy (host): “We’re honest on this show, so be honest with me. What would your record be right now if Jeff Fisher was still the head coach?”

Brockers dropped a bomb:

“We’d be 7-9. There was no accountability”.

Brockers also talks about the love he maintains for Fisher as he was the first draft pick under the Fisher regime and was given his NFL chance by Fisher, but he also keeps it 100% truthful.

Maybe this will help us truly appreciate how amazing this season and coaching staff has been!