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Los Angles Rams at Seattle Seahawks: best/worst overreactions

The LA Rams participated in their first nail biter of the 2018 season and it obviously led to some hot takes that were good and bad.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Best Overreaction:

Robert Woods proved that his contract is a steal as he filled in as slot receiver

When WR Cooper Kupp went out of the game due to a concussion, the Los Angeles Rams were already short at receiver with WR Brandin Cooks already out due to his nasty collision at the end of the second half. Rather than just stay at his position as a wideout, Woods stepped in and did his best Cooper Kupp impression, nailing inside routes like it was no big deal. Mr. Woods has always been known as an excellent route runner, but his performance on Sunday proved that he’s much more valuable than his contract suggests (which was considered to be a reach at the time!)

Worst Overreaction:

S Tedric Thompson should have been ejected for the Brandin Cooks hit

Complaining about the refs is an age old tradition for football fans, but it’s usually saved for when their team loses. In this case, it was in defense for the LA Rams’ star wideout, Brandin’ Cooks, who missed the second half due to this play. I don’t think Thompson’s hit was dirty, it’s just that his speed going into the tackle made the collision violent and unfortunate for our player. There were several brutal hits during the game (and every game played on Sunday), but just because it led to Cooks lying unconscious for a moment, doesn’t mean Tedric Thompson is to blame.