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Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks 2nd half live gamethread

About to be one hell of a NFC West second half...

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Interesting game up in the Pacific Northwest as the Los Angeles Rams are tied with the Seattle Seahawks at 17 after one half.

It’s been a wacky half.

QB Jared Goff tried to force a throw in early to RB Todd Gurley in the redzone that got a funky deflection for an interception following yet another punt block by LB Cory Littleton. And while QB Russell Wilson was able to march the Seahawks down for a TD, Goff and the Rams were able to match thereafter and things settled into a back-and-forth that resembles many of the Rams-Seahawks contests we’ve gotten accustomed to over the years.

Of course, this was supposed to be different. The Rams were supposed to blow the Seahawks out.

Is this a matter of the Rams dominating the second half then? With WR Brandin Cooks being evaluated for a concussion, do the Rams lean into RB Todd Gurley? Does Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips put in some adjustments to stymie the Seahawks’ offense? The latter seems the most difficult with Wilson just making schoolyard plays out of nothing, but we’ll see.

It’s Rams-Seahawks. In Seattle.

It’s supposed to be a slugfest.