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Turf Show Radio S10E29: Week 5 (@ SEA) preview


  • 2:05: Joey turns into Steve Irwin and searches through the beer-filled jungles
  • 4:25: Does Brandon Bate eat too much meat and cheese?
  • 10:05: Rob-O is hosting at Henry’s Tavern
  • 13:00: Rob-O taps into the idea that if Todd Gurley won Offensive Player of the Year as a backup award to New England Patriots QB Tom Brady winning MVP last year that QB Jared Goff won NFC Offensive Player of the Month has a sort of backup to Kansas City Chiefs QB Pat Mahomes winning AFC Offensive Player of the Month as a MVP-lead-in.
  • 18:20: Jared Goff doesn’t dance. He’s high hanging out with TE Tyler Higbee watchin Rick and Morty. And we hit a nerve with Joey. “I’ve been to LebowskiFest several times.”
  • 21:00: Rob on the game from behind enemy lines
  • 23:20: Cocoon!
  • 28:30: “Do you feel like the 12th man is the same without the Legion of Boom?”
  • 32:30: X-factors
  • 41:20: “How quickly this has happened”
  • 43:50: Les Snead talks like it’s 1890
  • 45:40: Who would play Snead in a movie?
  • 49:30: Andrew Whitworth on the need to lose (from 2017)
  • 1:06:05: In terms of the 2019 NFL Draft and college football...nothing changed

The show is now on iTunes, Art19 and Spotify too.