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Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks: Bold predictions

Adversity for the LA Rams has arrived.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Things are going great for the Los Angeles Rams. The national sports media is smitten with Coach Sean McVay and our young QB, Jared Goff. We’re ranked #1 in most power rankings and we have a perfect 4-0 record. I love our team. I love our chances moving forward in the season. So, with that being stated, the Rams are a huge favorite going into Seattle to face the hated Seahawks.

With two teams going in different directions, what surprises are in store on Sunday afternoon?

Let’s get bold.

Russell Wilson rushes for 2 touchdowns and throws for 2 more

This past week, Wilson stated that OL George Fant will have a big role against the Rams. So, what if that actually happened and Wilson was able to run around the field as he pleased? I’ll say that Wilson will accumulate 120 yards on his legs and another 200 with his arm. The Rams’ defense will not be pleased.

Marcus Peters gets in a fight with a ref — calling him a dirty lil’ #%#*@

I’m super happy to have CB Marcus Peters on the team, but we all know that he’s a live wire that’s waiting to ignite. So, look for him to explode with some emotional fury this week when things don’t work out. And expect the ref to cry — things are gonna get real!

Goff gets food poisoning before the game and Mannion throws 4 picks

QB Sean Mannion hasn’t proved to everyone that he’s not a good backup QB, but on Sunday, he finally will, causing the Rams’ front office to make a trade for RGIII. And Jared Goff will no longer be allowed to eat Jack In the Box before games.

I don’t like this bold prediction anymore than you guys do. And I know what you’re thinking: this handsome jerk is trashing the Rams just to piss us off.

Or maybe I’m just trying to provide us with the possibility that life won’t always go our way. But here’s the deal: I love the Rams — Jared Goff is my bro, but as a team we’re going to stumble when we shouldn’t at some point, right?

My bold prediction: Seahawks win, 28-17