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Game balls: LA Rams Vs Green Bay Packers

It took plenty of key plays to get over last Sunday, these Rams made it happen.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Los Angeles Rams Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Gurley

This was a game where Todd earned his gameball. Packers defensive coordinator Mike Pettine had a great game plan and actually put a lid on the Rams offense in the first half. When holes became cracks, reminiscent of that 2016 life, Gurley just lowered a shoulder and bashed out what he could. Eventually, the Rams offense gained breath, and Gurley got over. The real reason he gets a game ball though, is the way he selflessly ran out the clock at the end of the game, opting for a victory in hand over a potential touchdown record down the line. He’s a team leader, demonstrating the “We Not Me” mantra through action.

Ramik Wilson

With Mark Barron having returned to the starting lineup, Ramik Wilson’s only action came on special teams, where he made his presence felt in a bone rattling way. With 2:05 seconds left, a two-point lead, and the legend of Aaron Rodgers looming, the Bearded Missile didn’t leave anything up to chance, forcing and recovering a fumble by Packers kick returner Ty Montgomery. Who knows if Rodgers would have led another Packers comeback, but at very least Ramik saved me from a heart attack and possible ulcer.

Thank you Ramik Wilson.

Cory Littleton

This is another game ball for Cory Littleton because I always give Cory Littleton a game ball.

Cory Littleton is five game ball general.

Sam Shields

With plenty of family in the building to watch Sam take on his old team, Shields didn’t disappoint. Though he got 14 snaps at corner, Shields, like Ramik Wilson made the most noise on special teams. First he was the recipient of a Johnny Hekker pass on a drive-extending fake punt, and later tip-toed gracefully along the goal line to down a punt at the one yard line, which eventually led to a safety. This was a game that could have swung the other way if vets like Sam Shields and Ramik Wilson had just been going through the motions, but that’s not how this team operates.

Aaron Donald

I loved watching Donald collect his second sack of the day then looking over at the Packers fans while shrugging and waiving. With their immediate futures locked in, Donald and Todd Gurley seem have become noticeably more excited at home games, both while mixing it up with opposing fans near the visiting sideline, or when celebrating with the hometown fans in the end zone. They’re putting on the new Greatest Show, and having a lot of fun in the process.