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Random Ramsdom 10/30: Can the Undefeated Rams Really Make a Run at 16-0?

This and more on this edition of the Random Ramsdom

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Green Bay Packers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Can the Undefeated Rams Really Make a Run at 16-0? | The Ringer

We all want this. But can it actually happen? We’ve got a tough road ahead, this article does a great job of breaking down why could go 16-0, and also covering the very important why not’s.

Aaron Rodgers ‘Hot’ After Ty Montgomery Fumble Cost Him Last Shot at Win | Bleacher Report

Thank you Ty Montgomery. Just know that not everyone is mad at you.

Week 8 NFL Team of the Week | PFF

Aaron “The Sackmaster” Donald makes the list this week. Duh.

Rams QB coach Zac Taylor listed as favorite to be Browns’ next head coach | Rams Wire

After losing their collective minds in putting the highest odds on Sean McVay becoming the next Cleveland Browns HC, they seem to have decided to take a more realistic approach. If this turns out to be the case, next season would be Goff’s third QB Coach in three years.

Sean McVay: Cooper Kupp has a “very good chance” to return for Rams this week | Pro Football Talk

Reynolds has done a nice job filling in, but it’ll be good to have #18 back.

The Winners and Losers From NFL Week 8 | The Ringer

My favorite line from this piece:

Scoring is too easy for Gurley. Sometimes he decides not to score to spice things up a bit.

Rams listed as underdogs for first time all season vs. Saints in Week 9 | Rams Wire

When we did our season Win-Loss Staff predictions here at TST, I had the Saints down as our first loss. At this point, I stand by that. The wins have come on thinner, more tenuous margins as the season has progressed, and with the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees, you can’t flinch. I hope we pull this out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the perfect season ends here.

L.A.mbeau Field? Packers fans invade Coliseum, only to see their team lose to Rams | OC Register

The Packers fans were loud and proud during the game on Sunday. But in the end, it didn’t matter.