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Los Angeles Rams vs. Green Bay Packers 2nd half live updates gamethread

It was ugly for the Goffense, but the Rams’ defense was strong throughout setting up a huge, huge second half.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Los Angeles Rams Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

4th Quarter

  • This is gonna be fun.
  • Drive moves deep on a good route from Cooks and improved pass blocking, but stalls out. K Greg Zuerlein hits it to widen the lead.
  • Rams 26, Packers 20
  • Whew. MVS burned Fan Favorite Troy Hill for an easy touchdown. Game on...
  • Rams 26, Packers 27
  • The Rams get a field goal after a dubious holding call on LG Rodger Saffold (not that it itself was dubious, but the refs let both lines go at it all day...and call holding now?!?!?!?!?!)
  • Rams 29, Packers 27

3rd Quarter

  • The Rams get the ball first. Statement drive opportunity...
  • ...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand no. Rams offense stalls. Green Bay driving, but a classic Aaron Donald sack forces a field goal. K Mason Crosby good from 53.
  • Rams 8, Packers 13
  • And out of nowhere...a competent drive! A first down run for a first down. A 3rd and 10 conversion to TE Young Gerald Everett. Another Gurley run to pick up another first. And then Gurley across the line underneath takes it in from 30! And the two-point convo!
  • Rams 16, Packers 13
  • And then the Rams we know. Defense tightens up with two pressures on 2nd and 3rd down to force the punt followed by a very good drive punctuated by WR Josh Reynolds’ second touchdown of the day.
  • Rams 23, Packers 13
  • Welp. Aaron Rodgers gonna Aaron Rodgers. The bigger concern at this point might be that CB Marcus Peters gonna Marcus Peters...
  • End Q3. Rams 23, Packers 20

Los Angeles Rams 8, Green Bay Packers 10.


Well, this is the NFL. Two good teams. Two stymied offenses.

One huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge half of football left to play.

For the Rams’ offense, it has been ugly. The offensive line has played their worst half of football this season coupled with some very good coverage downfield by the Packers’ secondary. That left QB Jared Goff with an inability to get the ball out quickly and take some coverage pressure. Throw in a gameplan that was overaggressive compared to what the Rams were facing early on, and you had a total of 62 total yards after four drives, and that included P Johnny Hekker’s 12 passing yards from the fake. A late touchdown and failed two-point conversion though makes this one much closer.

On defense, things have looked strong overall. If I told you the Packers would only score 10 points in a half, you’d be stupid not to take it. If I added a safety on top, you’d be insane. Perhaps making things interesting on both sides? No turnovers in that half...

So here we go. Playoff atmosphere. Playoff caliber.

Playoff preview?