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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay October 26 press conference

Here’s what McBae had to say to the media today.

Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay

(On the injury report and OLB Trevon Young’s status after being listed on there)

”Yeah, he had a little back issue. It kind of came out of nowhere for us. He’ll be a guy that’ll probably be out for this game because of that. We’ll be able to make adjustments accordingly. I’ve got to talk to (Senior Director, Sports Medicine and Performance) Reggie (Scott). I’m not exactly sure exactly what that specifically entailed.”

(On what the lineup adjustments will be if Young is out on Sunday)

”We can make some adjustments. (DL) John Franklin (-Myers) is a guy that can bump outside and we’ve got a lot of confidence in (DT) Tanzel Smart, who we anticipate being active in his absence.”

(On what he expects from Smart playing after being inactive all season)

”When he played last year, he did a nice job. He’s practiced the right way. He’ll be able to provide some depth for some of our interior players when (DL Michael Brockers) ‘Brock’ needs a blow or if (DT) Ndamukong (Suh) does. It’ll be good to be able to get him up, get him going. He’s earned the right to be up anyway, so this was something we anticipated. Unfortunately, you wish that ‘T Young’ didn’t get injured, but this is something that I think Tanzel was going to be up anyways.”

(On if QB Jared Goff is 100 percent after going through a week of practice)

”Yeah, I think so. He looks good. He’s throwing the ball around really well these last couple days. I think it’s just been maintenance things, but he’s feeling good. He’ll be ready to go.”

(On what problems Packers OLB Clay Matthews and Packers OLB Nick Perry present coming back to the Coliseum where they played in college)

”Yeah, they’re great edge players. They do a nice job setting edges, whether they’re in some of their threedown stuff or their four down and guys that have great instincts and awareness. Clearly, can create issues as far as when they’re rushing the passer, but I think they play the run really well. When you just watch them, you can see. (Packers OLB) Clay (Matthews) has always been a player that’s had a lot of impact on the games just because of his concept recognition, whether it’s the run, the pass. Does a great job if he’s not hitting home, getting his hands up and (Packers OLB) Nick (Perry) is a really powerful player. Can create some push in the pocket with his bull (rush). He’s got great hands. So, both those players are really productive edge players for them. Something that we’ve got to be ready to go against. They’ve been productive players for a long time for this defense and they continue to show up in (Packers Defensive Coordinator) Coach (Michael) Pettine’s scheme in a variety of ways and it’s a problem for us.”

(On looking at the raw numbers of Green Bay’s defense and how they tighten up in the second half)

”It’s hard to say. Really, I think they do a great job with the adjustments, if that says anything. Like anything else, I know they’ve had a chance to really evaluate themselves over the bye and might expect some tweaks and things here and there. But really, whether it’s first half or second half, we’re seeing a good defense on film. They do a good job. Some of the things situationally, where they’re mixing personnel groupings, getting a lot of bodies in there, they do a really good job. It’s kind of been a staple of one of Coach Pettine’s schemes as far as, just presenting a variety of issues and being able to get a bunch of different players on the field and utilize their personnel for their advantage and that’s something that we’ve got to be aware of. We’ll see how the game plays out, but this is a tough defense and we’ve got to be ready to go, whether it’s first or second half. It’s going to be a great game and they’re going to be a great challenge.”

(On what he expects to learn about his team as a whole from the quarterbacks his team is going to face in the coming weeks)

”It’s cliché, but really we’re going to learn a lot about our team going against the Packers this week. That’s really all our focus and concentration is on. I think you can kind of evaluate things like that when you look back after the season, stuff like that. But, it’s such a week-to-week league and we want to try to do a good job just staying in the moment, staying in the present because so many different things happen – whether it’s injuries, whether it’s just changes just based on the nature of this league and this business. So, we try to just kind of stay one day at a time and I think that has helped us. Certainly, you’ve got a plan as far as if you’ve got a Thursday game, different things like that, but all we can do is get ready to go and play to the best of our ability on Sunday. Certainly, I know no matter who you’re playing, but when you talk about (Packers QB) Aaron Rodgers, he’s going to present a lot of challenges that you find out a lot about your defense in particular. I know it’s something our guys are excited about, but we have a lot of respect for Aaron and what he’s done over the course of his career and all the different things that he can present and what he does for their offense.”

(On if Rodgers’ cadence has been a point of emphasis for his defense during practice this week)

”Absolutely. We’ll be interested to see, is it something where he’s on his verbal cadence based on the crowd or does he have to use his silent (cadence). We’re hoping that he’ll have to use his silent based on a lot of Rams (fans) showing up at the (L.A. Memorial) Coliseum. But, he’s a master at that. You just talk about the command and situational awareness, whether it’s his cadence control, whether it’s when you catch teams in a substitution, being able to jump the ball and get some shots down the field where you’re getting a free five (yards) if you get the ball snapped off when they’ve got more than 11 (players) on the field. Those are the kind of things that he catches you and he sees it and he’s got total control and command and there’s an urgency where all 11 (players) are on the same page with how they can operate. It’s impressive. Seeing it live when I was part of a team in Washington, we played them in the playoffs and then you play them the next year in the regular season. It’s something that you can’t ever really mimic and emulate that in practice just because of the command that he has. But again, great challenge. Excited about that challenge and certainly looking forward to Sunday.”

(On if he’s had any time to meet or interact with Rodgers in other settings)

”Yeah, really, I’ve met him when we played him in the preseason last year was really the first time we talked individually. There’s a whole lot of respect that I have. Like I’ve said over and over, I’m a fan of the game and I’ve studied the Packers offense and what Aaron has done. It’s great stuff to teach off of when you’re seeing a guy that’s playing at the top of his game year in and year out. He’s one of the examples of what it looks like to play the position at a high level. So, it’s a great reference point when you’re working with quarterbacks and really when you’re trying to learn as a coach as well. Met him last year and then I know a lot of our guys are friends with him as well, just kind of how the nature of the NFL works. I think he lives out here in the offseason as well.”