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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay, Co-OC Aaron Kromer, QB Jared Goff October 24 press conference

Here’s what the trio had to say today.

Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay

(On if there is any update on WR Cooper Kupp)

”Yeah, he’s still day-to-day. I would say that probably at this point, he’s doubtful for the game. But, he is making good progress. He was in really good spirits. Just from talking to him you can tell he’s feeling a lot better than maybe, what initially those first few days after the Denver (Broncos) game how he was feeling. I think he feels like he’s making good progress and that’s encouraging. You can just sense that in his demeanor and just talking to him about it.”

(On if Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson share a similar playing style)

”Yeah, they’re both great quarterbacks that have both been world champs and create a lot of different issues. Certainly, (Packers QB) Aaron (Rodgers) does a lot of different things. He has been doing it at a high level for a really long time. He takes unbelievable care of the football. We just talk about the mastery of the position. You talk about a guy being in total command and control of the game, the situations. – being an expert in their offense and what they’re trying to get done situationally. He’s got all that and he’s got good weapons. They’re coming off the bye where they’re going to be healthy getting (Packers WR Randall) Cobb and (Packers WR Geronimo) Allison back will be a big boost to those guys. (Packer WR) Davante Adams, I think, is one of the more underrated receivers in this league. (Packers TE) Jimmy Graham can bring some different things to the table as far as a receiving threat. Then, they mix in a couple different backs. But, he’s a special player. He’s going to be a great challenge for us.”

(On QB Jared Goff and what has impressed him the most this season)

”I think the consistency, really. I think just the understanding of the offense, the continued mastery that he’s demonstrating. Certainly, everything week-to-week we can always get better at a few things and that’s coaches included – myself. I think just the ownership that he’s displaying with the offense. His ability to command different things at the line of scrimmage, in the huddle communicate a variety of different things. You could see just how impressed his teammates are with his ability to just command some of the verbiage with regards to some of the play calls or different things that he’s got to be able to command and control. I think he and (C) John Sullivan both work great in unison to be able to get our offense headed in the right direction depending on what we’re doing situationally. I would just say his overall mastery and continued improvement as far as the consistency delivering the football with accuracy.”

(On if there is one area Goff has improved the most)

”Well, I just think the ownership. Enabling us to do a lot more things than – I wouldn’t say what we did last year, but we are able to do a little bit more just because our whole offense’s understanding. But, it starts with his ability to command and control it. I think what you’re seeing too, is when he’s in rhythm – different things like that. He’s throwing the ball extremely accurate, giving guys a chance to run after the catch. I know he works at that. Clearly, he’s a very talented just thrower of the football that can change his arm angle. I just think the way that he’s throwing the football consistently with accuracy, giving guys a chance and then obviously, the deep ball has been a real positive too. Being able to hit on a handful of those when we’ve taken those shots down the field.”

(On the run-pass balance and what it’s a product of and why it seems to work)

”Yeah, I would just say it’s the player’s ability being able to execute in both phases. Certain games come in just different flows and feels based on what are they presenting and then what does that mean that we like accordingly. You do like to have a balance to make them honor both, but certain times there’s situations where they’re loaded up and daring you to do one or the other and you’ve got to be able to play complementary football with our run and our pass. We talk about complementary football as a team, but I think being able to throw it and run it is something that’s very important for an offense to make people honor the entire length of the field and width of the field. We talk about making the defense defend every blade of grass and you have to be able to do that when you’re running the football horizontally and throwing it both horizontally and vertically. Really, like you said though, the main goal for us – move the football, score points and if the balance happens to come with that, then that’s something that if that’s what the defense is presenting, then we like to stay balanced as well.”

(On if he came into the season thinking they’d be running the ball so well and leading the league in rushing yards)

”The numbers, I think, can sometimes send misleading things because the way you’re trying to finish out the game or whatever the flow of the game is based on if you’re in four minute or not. So, I think the biggest thing is for us just to be more efficient offensively. I think we have run the football more efficiently. I think (Run Game Coordinator) Coach (Aaron) Kromer and really, our assistant coaches as a whole have done an excellent job setting up plans that are conducive for success based on what that defense is presenting from a front, from a coverage structure, some of the pressures. That’s the biggest thing, now going into year two where we’re all operating, running all Rams system. It’s about the players first, but then it’s also about our ability as coaches to echo and articulate, ‘What are we trying to get done here?’ I think they’re understanding their ownership, you can continue to hear us say that intent, but our players truly do understand the intent of certain calls in different phases of our run game that we’re trying to activate. I think that understanding they have is allowing them to be more efficient and do a great job right now.”

(On how QB Jared Goff’s soreness is today)

”I think he’s good. You’ll have to ask him. I think he’s feeling pretty good. We’re pulling back the reigns a little bit just based on the way that we’ve approached the last couple weeks. I think our players’ ability to emphasize the above the neck, get a lot more reps than we would otherwise and really get ourselves a chance to fully recover and then really ramp it up tomorrow has served us well the last couple weeks. I think that also gives guys a chance to really have almost 72 hours post-game until they’re really hitting it again and going full speed with the pads on and different things like that. But I think he’s feeling good. I think naturally you’re going to be sore just from some of the hits, but to my understanding he’s feeling good.”

(On what kind of atmosphere he anticipates at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum on Sunday)

”Well, we hope a lot of Rams fans. We know the Packers notoriously travel well. Whatever it is, the last time that we were in the Coliseum was a phenomenal atmosphere and environment against the (Minnesota) Vikings. We loved that and we’re hoping for a similar atmosphere to that. It certainly felt like a great setting to be able to play a football game. The fans have done a great job coming out and supporting us and that’s what we’re hopeful for. But if it’s swarming with green, then we might have to be ready to adjust.”

Run Game Coordinator/Co-OC Aaron Kromer

(On what has been working so well in the run game)

”I think the combination of the running game and the play-action game looking so similar really helps both be productive on first and second down. We’ve been fortunate to have productivity on first down, which has allowed us to do some things on second down that you – a lot of run-pass combination in that situation. So, when you’re productive on first, you get an opportunity on second and I think that’s where is starts to compound.”

(On if he heard about C John Sullivan yelling, ‘See ya!’ during RB Todd Gurley II’s 12-yard touchdown reception)

”Yeah, I did hear about that on the sideline right after the play. Sometimes things just feel right and linemen understand the angles of which someone is going to try to tackle (RB) Todd (Gurley II) and they felt good about that. There were some poor angles in that situation. It was a well-executed play by the entire 11 (Rams players).”

(On if he’s in the coaches booth or on the field during the game)

”On the field.”

(On if he ever gets a sense that the play that has been called is going to break successfully)

”Well, I think what we’re referring to here is during the play that was called. I think during plays you can tell. I always wish it was a little more than it was to be honest. No matter how long they are, I think we could’ve got a couple more yards. But I think there’s things you plan for, there’s things you’re looking for and you’re hoping that those things show up in a game so there’s optimistic situations in games like that.”

(On if he has seen more teams putting their best pass rushers over the right tackle as opposed to on the left side, what he thinks might be behind that and if he feels like that will change the perception that people view the left tackle compared to the right tackle)

”That’s a good question. Seattle started doing that a couple years ago. You see it around the league. I think a lot of the really good pass rushers would like to go – you’d think the left tackle is a better pass protector than the right tackle. We’re fortunate we have two very good ones, a good pass protector on both sides. But, you do see a trend in that I think trying to get a mismatch. I believe that people that aren’t as stringent with their defensive line and they’re open-minded, they’re going to try to get the best mismatch they can get. A lot of times that’s the right tackle over the left tackle and they’re going to put their best player. You’d hate to have a tie with your best pass rusher if you thought the left tackle was really, really good. I think it’s smart by defensive coaches to move them around to try to get a good matchup.”

(On how good G Rodger Saffold III has been and how much does it help the offense)

”(G) Rodger (Saffold III) has been exceptional. In my opinion, he’s the most underrated offensive lineman in the NFL – last year and this year. He doesn’t get a lot of credit and I’m telling you, if you went back and evaluated his play on a play-to-play basis, I don’t think there’s a guard in the league that’s as athletic and powerful and does as good a job as he does, both run and pass. He did it all last year and he’s doing it again this year.”

(On how much practicing against their defensive line impact the performance on the offensive line and if it has substantially improved because of the talent on the other side of the ball)

”Yes, it does. It’s mostly during training camp. At this time of year, you’re doing a lot of scout team work because you’re asking them to play defenses that they don’t play. But obviously in the offseason we get a lot of work against those guys and we also compete during practice for a short period each day and get to go against the top, the ones-on-ones. It definitely helps because when you’re playing such elite players as we have on defense, it’s going to make your skills better.”

QB Jared Goff

(On noticing Packers QB Aaron Rodgers when he watches defensive film and the admiration he has for him and how he plays quarterback)

”Obviously, his greatness has been documented for years now. He’s a great player and a guy I watched in college and then moved onto the NFL. I’ve followed his whole career, big fan of his. Yeah, there are times where we’re watching him play against the defense and you get stuck on watching him. He’s a great player. I’ve got a lot of respect for him and it’ll be fun to get a chance to go against him.”

(On if he got to know him at all when he was at UC Berkeley and their relationship)

”Yeah, I’ve gotten to know him a little bit the past few years. Just crossed paths on a few different things and he’s been nothing but great to me.”

(On if there is an area he’s been most pleased with through the first seven weeks)

”I think just accuracy and taking care of the ball, which I think can still get better. But really, just the accuracy and trying to keep the ball out in front of guys and let them make plays after the catch. Capitalize when we get the right look and have somebody by a step and don’t put it on their back hip where a defender can make a play, get it out in front. Probably that’s it.”

(On Head Coach Sean McVay mentioning guys getting yards after the catch and if that’s something he’s been working on and if so how does he get better at it)

”Just reps. Reps, reps, reps. Just really working on it in the offseason, really testing yourself and seeing how far out in front you can put it and how perfect you can be over and over again. And then just really pushing yourself to that perfection.”

(On the touch-pass they do and if it’s fun to run)

”It’s a completion (laughs). It’s a completion and I get the yards so it’s awesome for me (laughs). But no, it is good. It’s a good way to keep the defense off balance and do some different things with that fly motion. Sometimes we flip it to them, sometimes we don’t and it’s good just as a play action would be.”

(On if the touch-pass play is ever disconcerting as a quarterback)

”No. And really because if it’s not caught it’s an incomplete pass. So you do want to get the timing just right. But, we did have the one in Denver that was a little bit off and got dropped and so that can happen, and you know it’s an incomplete pass. But it’s definitely part of our offense and something that we try to do as much as we can.”

(On if it’s one of those things that McVay adds as a new wrinkle to the offense and if he expects that kind of thing from him)

”Yeah, that kind of showed up this offseason just as a way to put in, like you said, a new wrinkle and something that we do quite a bit now. Some weeks we’ll carry it, some weeks we won’t and it just kind of varies. It’s just another way to get our good players, our skill players, on the perimeter with the ball in their hands.”

(On how eager he is to get back in front of the home crowd after three weeks on the road and what kind of environment he expects)

”Yeah, it’s exciting. The last game there was Minnesota (Vikings) and that environment was unbelievable. To get back there and to get in front of our fans again and let them kind of enjoy this again is awesome. We’re excited to be back. It feels like we’ve been gone forever.”

(On how much it helps to have the number one rushing offense in the NFL helps with play-action passes)

”It helps a lot. Whenever we’re running the ball well and we can use that and marry that with our pass game so well. We’ve got a guy like (RB) Todd (Gurley II) and (RB) Malcolm (Brown) who run the ball so well can bring those guys up. It definitely helps a lot. Something I’m definitely grateful for.”

(On if he has specific memories of Rodgers playing at Cal)

”I was really young. I was – man, what year was he drafted? ‘05?”

(On being really young at the time)

”I was like nine, yeah. I mean yes and no. I can’t give you exacts, but if I remember him being there and remember him going to some of those games, yeah.”

(On if he remembers the 2005 NFL Draft when the 49ers had the No. 1 overall pick and Rodgers was on the board)

”Oh yeah.”

(On if 10-year-old Goff was disappointed that the 49ers didn’t pick Rodgers)

”He was upset, but with that being said, I’m a fan of (Redskins QB) Alex (Smith) as well. But yeah, 10-year-old Jared (Goff) was very upset when he found out they didn’t take Aaron.”

(On what it’s going to be like up in Berkeley, Calif. and if he’s gotten any feedback or well wishes from people that are still there)

”Yeah, I’m sure it’ll be exciting. I’m sure they’ll be excited to watch it. It’s the first time I’ve played against a guy that went to my college. I don’t know for him if that’s the case, but it’ll be cool. It’ll be fun and I’m sure they’re excited about it. I’m sure Cal football will post some pictures about it or something and it’ll be fun.”

(On what he’s seen from the Packers defense this season)

”They’re good. It’ll be a good challenge for us. They’re good up front and good in the secondary, good at linebacker and do a lot of different things that can present challenges for us. We’re excited. It’ll be a good one.”