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2018 NFL power rankings, Week 8: Los Angeles Rams remain atop the NFL

It’s now five weeks on that the Rams have topped the major power rankings.

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

2018 NFL Power Rankings Summary - Week 8

Metric Ranking
Metric Ranking
Average ranking (# of rankings) 1
Average change from last week 0.00
Highest ranking (source) 1st (multiple sources)
Lowest ranking (source) 1st (multiple sources)
Biggest positive change (source) 0 (multiple sources)
Biggest negative change (source) 0 (multiple sources)

SB Nation: 1st (previously: 1st)

It’s the Rams ... and then everyone else in the NFC West. The Rams won their seventh straight game (courtesy of the 49ers) and look completely dominant as the NFL’s top team. The Seahawkshad their bye this week while the Cardinals were trampled over on Thursday night and fired their offensive coordinator as a result. The 49ers were dealt a tough blow with the Jimmy Garoppolo injury back in Week 3, but it looks like they’ll get a top-10 draft pick again next year to add a nice piece to their roster. With that said, the Rams own the NFC West right now.

ESPN: 1st (1st)

Need more from: P Johnny Hekker.

There’s not much to gripe about with the Rams’ 7-0 start, and they don’t punt often -- but when they do, Hekker hasn’t been as productive as last year. The Rams are averaging the third-fewest yards per punt this season after averaging the fourth most last year

NFL: 1st (1st)

The Rams charge to 7-0, besting their long-time adversaries from the north. The 49ers were no match for a team sitting on the NFL’s top shelf, even though the Niners donned the same jerseys they wore in their most recent Super Bowl title season. The usual chatter around the Rams centers around Jared Goff, Todd Gurley and the offense, but on Sunday, it was about the defensive line blowing up the center of the 49ers’ offense. Aaron Donald posted four sacks and a rip job worthy of Peanut Tillman. While you’re watching highlights, check out how fast Donald collapses the pocket,deep in San Francisco territory. Since we’re having so much fun with L.A.’s dominance on video ... I never thought this delayyyyyyyyyyyed screen that Goff threw across his body -- and all the way across the field -- would result in Gurley scoring yet another touchdown.

Side note: I have 49ers at Rams from 1994 on DVD. Both teams wore the same throwbacks they donned this weekend. L.A. was led by Chris Miller and Chris Chandler at quarterback. Jerome Bettis rushed for over 100 yards. The teams were celebrating the NFL’s 75th Anniversary. To think next season is Year 100. Pretty cool.

CBS: 1st (1st)

How long will they go without losing a game? The way they are playing, it’s going to be a long time.

Yahoo!: 1st (1st)

Aaron Donald had four sacks and six tackles for loss on Sunday. He also had an absolutely incredible play in which he simply took the ball from 49ers running back Matt Breida for a forced fumble and recovery. Imagine how good the Rams are going to be if Donald is hitting a hot streak.

Pro Football Talk: 1st (1st)

It’s way too early to think about 16-0, especially with the Packers, Saints, and Chiefs looming.

USA Today: 1st (1st)

They don’t have that ‘x’ designation in the standings yet for officially clinching a playoff berth, but all 24 teams starting 7-0 since 1990 have reached postseason.