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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay Week 7 game recap October 22 press conference

Here’s what McBae had to say to the media today after the huge Week 7 road victory.

Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay

(On if he noticed anything new from the game upon review)

”Really, it just kind of reiterates what a good job our defense did. That offense is really productive. It’s a very sound system. Those guys played hard. I think, like we’ve talked about and really all of last week, (49ers Head Coach) Kyle (Shanahan) does a great job. I thought our players energy from the start was really impressive. Did a good job stopping the run. They had a couple that came out. (49ers Quarterback C.J.) Beathard had the one scramble. For the most part, I thought they were swarming all day. To be able to create four turnovers and we truly created those, those were takeaways. It’s one thing when you get some good, lucky bounces – things like that. Those two picks were outstanding. The strip that (DT) Aaron (Donald) has was unbelievable. Then the retrace rush by (LB) Samson (Ebukam) to force that ball up in the air and (OLB Trevon) ‘T’ Young – those were four takeaways that our defense truly earned those. That ended up leading to 24 points, which was the difference in the game. Special teams was really complete, but to be able to apply that much pressure that we did consistently throughout the day on defense, is really what stood out on that film. Those guys did an excellent job, really, all 11 playing together.”

(On if they avoided any injuries)

”We did. Yeah, we came out clean. I know with (QB) Jared (Goff), he got banged up a little bit on the one third down. With some of the hits that you’re taking, that’s natural to be sore, but he’s in good shape. (WR) Cooper (Kupp) is making good progress. Whether it’s this week or whether it’s another week, hard to say right now. We’re just taking it a day at a time with him. Very positive, in terms of just the way that he is responding to some of the rehab. We’ll see whether that means he’s a go for this week or not.”

(On what he saw from the receivers in Kupp’s absence)

”Well, I thought (WR) Josh Reynolds did an excellent job stepping up. He played a lot of snaps. We were able to avoid some of the third and longer situations. Then, (WR) Nick Williams comes in and makes two big catches. The one third down where Jared works through a progression and gets to him, makes a nice tight catch in traffic.Then, he made a nice catch on a second down that got us into a third-and-manageable. So, he came in, did a nice job understanding what his role would be. How that affects the way that we go into this week, is really going to still be predicated on our gameplan once we get a little bit more into the Green Bay (Packers) film and things like that. But, Josh stepped up. He made the most of his opportunities, competed without the ball. I think (WR) Brandin (Cooks) and (WR) Robert (Woods) have been consistent throughout and they’ve done an excellent job.”

(On Donald’s performance and what stood out to him)

”I think just the consistency at which he plays. You talk about a guy that’s playing with all-out effort that has unbelievable talent. One of the plays that really stands out, if you go into the third quarter when it’s 32-7 on a field goal block, watching the effort as he’s trying to knife through there, just the way that he plays. He’s relentless, is one of the best ways that you can put it. But really, I thought our defense as a whole was relentless. Aaron, I knew he had a really productive day, but then when you go back and you just tally up all the plays that he made and how he’s getting there and affecting and influencing the game in a variety of ways from his position was really impressive. That’s why he’s the man.”

(On LB Cory Littleton blocking punts and what goes into it)

”Yeah, I think it’s a great matchup of (Special Teams Coordinator John Fassel) ‘Bones’ and (Special Teams Assistant Coach) Matt (Daniels) doing an excellent job developing some schemes that get us a chance to get some good matchups, and then (LB) Cory (Littleton) has elite get-off. You see on that specific situation, he ends up beating the long snapper with a great job being able to use his hands to be able to get himself clean. He’s just got a great feel for it. Certain players have a knack for certain things and I think we’ve seen Cory consistently show up. I think it’s a credit to Cory being able to make those plays and then also, our special teams coaches putting those guys in positions to be able to have a chance to be able to make plays like that. He made a difference, really, on special teams and on defense. He’s really active – has a couple sacks. Can’t really understate what a great job and what an impact Cory Littleton’s made for our football team to be at where we’re at right now.”

(On if he’s surprised at all with WR JoJo Natson taking on the punt return role)

”I would say, he’s really shown that he’s a great competitor with all the opportunities that he got in the preseason. One of the things that you certainly couldn’t deny is just, this is a fearless competitor, good ball skills. He’s got that twitch and that explosion that you’re thinking, ‘Man, he might take it every time he touches the ball.’ I think those guys are doing an excellent job – those other 10 around him – being able to create some space. You look at what (CB) Sam Shields has done in terms of, his isolations on the edge, being able to handle one of their gunners and what that does to be able to free us up in some of those situations. But, you’re seeing a lot of great effort from the punt returner unit as a whole. Clearly, (WR) JoJo (Natson) is the one creating with the ball, but I think that truly is a reflection of that unit. JoJo’s been outstanding. Ended up getting us in great field position, from an offensive standpoint all day. Really, the defense and the special teams – that was really a great job by them. Getting the offense in some favorable positions and playing complementary football and it was a good team win yesterday.”

(On if there is something that sets RB Todd Gurley II apart from other backs with the way he’s able to get into the end zone)

”I think he’s done a great job. Again, any time that we’re able to have success, it’s a reflection of everybody. You guys hear it. One of the things that’s awesome is when you talk to (RB) Todd (Gurley II) last week after he has 200 yards, all he’s doing is giving credit to the guys that are competing without the ball, getting them some clean structures and things like that. I think it’s a credit to the unit. I think Todd’s doing any excellent job being able to finish. When you talk about finishing drives and finding a way to punch it in there. I think that one play where he’s got some clean runs and doing a great job hitting it on the first touchdown run that he had. Then the one from 1-yard (line), after we ended up hitting (WR) Josh Reynolds on the play-action pass. That screen, you talk about a great feel from he and (QB) Jared (Goff) to be able to get that off, (G) Rodger Saffold (III) to be able to block (49ers LB Reuben) Foster in that instance when they were in a man coverage principle and just making plays. So, I think it’s a combination of the unit, but Todd’s got a great feel for it and he’s done an excellent job getting in a handful of times this year.”

(On the challenges of defending Packers QB Aaron Rodgers)

”He’s unbelievable. You talk about a guy that has the ability to make all the throws from different platforms, whether it’s in the pocket, out of the pocket, ability to create off schedule. He’s a first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback and he’s got unbelievable athleticism, too, to buy time. You see some of the off schedules and you’re always in a game when you’ve got a guy like him leading you. You just look at the way that – you think about two of the nationally televised games they’ve been in this year. You look at the Week 1 against the (Chicago) Bears and what he’s able to do after he gets injured. Some of the ways that he’s able to throw the ball down the field, underneath, quick game. Just his command with his cadence, all the different things that he does. You talk about a mastery of the position, he’s one of those guys that embodies that...and guys believe. You watch the way those guys compete, they’re never out of it in games. Then even last week, playing on Monday night. That first run, to me, it looks like they’re ready to go into overtime, they end up popping that run and then he ends up making some unbelievable throws – back shoulder versus a two-man structure. He’s seeing pressures. They had a two-safety fire zone in the (San Francisco) 49ers game and he ends up hitting that fade on the left sideline right over the corner’s fingertips to (Packers WR) Davante Adams. He’s a real problem (laughs). So, it’s going to be a great challenge, but something that I think our guys will be excited about. But, this is what you love. This is what’s special about the NFL and guys like Aaron Rodgers. You can’t help but have the respect and appreciation for his game and what he’s put on tape throughout the course of his career.”

(On how often opposing defenses have shown something new during their first few series on offense in their games this season)

”Yeah, it’s happened a lot. I wouldn’t say it’s like – it’s something that they have in their inventory, but what you’re accustomed to seeing in some of those normal down-and-distance situations, they might have a change-up based on what they feel like they want to stop from us. I think our players ability, and really our coaches – (Run Game Coordinator) Coach (Aaron) Kromer and (Pass Game Coordinator Shane) Waldron and (Quarterbacks) Coach (Zac) Taylor and (Wide Receivers Coach Eric Yarber) ‘Yarbs’ and (Running Backs) Coach (Skip) Peete – those guys do such a good job of being able to adjust in the game, get it communicated to our players. Then, our players’ ownership is what’s special about it. Just their understanding of, ‘What are we getting?’ and then, ‘What do we want to do based on those looks?’ Their understanding of, ‘What do we like versus those looks?’ and then their ability to go execute it is what’s special. That’s part of it, is being able to adjust and adapt. You always have a gameplan, but that willingness and that understanding to be able to adjust if something different than what we had prepared for shows up is a real credit to the players and that’s happened on a handful of instances.”

(On how much it helps to have their average offensive drive start from their own 41-yard line)

”Well it’s unbelievable. Really, being able to get (K) Greg (Zuerlein) back too, you feel like if you really get a first down, you’re a first down away from being into what is considered field goal position. In a game where we ended up taking the delay of game, those are situations where Greg legitimately could maybe hit a field goal from there if you really needed those points or you want to play field position based on the way that the game is kind of playing out. But, it’s unbelievable. Really, that was a big part of being able to win, get those short fields. Ultimately, it’s about scoring points. The yards are the yards, that doesn’t matter. What matters to us is scoring as many points as we can and trying to win a football game. The two things, obviously the points is what determines the outcome, but then the next most relevant stat when you just look at it over the course of time are those turnovers and takeaways. To be able to win and be up four (turnovers) in that column yesterday was a big part of why we won that game.”

(On what RB Malcolm Brown’s development has been on offense)

”He’s been great. He’s one of those guys that got a game ball. I think, really, the consistency at which he’s operated with, with the opportunities he’s had is really important to us. We have a lot of confidence in (RB) Malcolm Brown. I think being able to do that where you want to be able to have Todd on the field, but you also want to be mindful of just the overall workload. Then, also, you want to give Malcolm an opportunity to go out there and do his thing as well. I think he levels all fronts excellent. Very similar to what we see in Todd consistently as far as pressing it, setting his blocks at the line of scrimmage and then when he gets downhill he is a downhill direct runner where he’s falling forward. Even on a couple of those runs in the four minute when we’re trying to close out the game you’re thinking, ‘OK it’s going to be second-and-8,’ and it’s second-and-5 because he’s falling forward and getting an extra three yards. He’s an efficient player, really productive, trustworthy and you win with players like Malcolm Brown. Really I think he’s earned that. But then, I think it also is a good way to be able to spell Todd and keep him fresh throughout the course of the game, while also giving Malcolm a chance to play because he’s earned that.”

(On how pleased he was with CB Troy Hill’s bounce back performance against the 49ers)

”Really pleased. That’s what we talk about all the time, that mental toughness, the ability to respond. And really, those were plays the previous week where there was an instance where one of them they said… when we talked about, ‘OK, how are we officiating this?’ They felt like it was probably an offensive ‘PI’ (pass interference) in hindsight talking to the league office. But, a couple of those plays are great players making great plays and (CB) Troy (Hill) didn’t flinch. You talk about a great pick that he made on an in-breaking route, where you go attack the football and beat somebody to a spot and he did that. He bounced back in a big way and that says a lot about him. That’s kind of what we expected and that’s exactly what he did.”

(On seeing Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, Saints QB Drew Brees and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson at home and what he thinks that sets up for the defense and if it’s a ‘prove it’ stretch for the defense and the team)

”I think really every week is. I think every week is a chance for our football team to continue to try to demonstrate the consistency that they’ve played with through seven weeks. Right now our sole focus and concentration will be on the Packers. Like you mentioned it’s a great challenge and they present a variety of issues in all three phases. In the NFL there’s too many good players, too many good coaches and what I think has helped us and served us well up to this point, which there is no reason why we would ever change that, guys are focused on getting better. Just being business-like, in terms of you come in, you enjoy it. We look at the tape today as far as what happened yesterday, we clean it up and then we come back Wednesday flush our systems and let’s be ready to get going on a Green Bay Packers team, and try to be great this week. Being back at home should be fun and that’s really what it is. It’s a week-to-week league and we talk about it all the time. The narrative is written every single week and we want to continue to try to do a good job. We don’t have to do anything other than try to be the best that we can one day at a time and hopefully that leads to a good performance. The confidence that we have in our coaches and in our players’ ability to execute, I think can allow them to operate with a quieted mind and go play to the best of their ability and we’ll hopefully get the result that we want.”