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Turf Show Radio S10E33: Week 7 (@ SF) preview

“Good sir!”

  • 0:55: “I wouldn’t say we’re jerkless!”
  • 2:00: “The [Arizona Cardinals] are not a bad team. I used to say this about the last year of the [Jeff] Fisher Rams. They’re not bad. Bad is when you try to do something and you fail. Like, you try to do this, and you’re not fast enough. You’re not strong enough. You’re not good enough. They’re not even trying the things that you’re supposed to fail at. They’re just doing other stuff, and it’s all wrong.”
  • 4:48: “I don’t see this as being a Chargers problem. And I don’t see this as being an LA problem.”
  • 7:32: “You know who wasn’t a season ticket holder in ‘86? Guys who weren’t alive in ‘86. And that’s who the NFL is trying to bring in.”
  • 11:08: “Damn...yeah, I just don’t get it. I don’t know how you even sell this to the fans. How do you sell it to that fan base? There’s nothing to get excited about.”
  • 13:55: “You can’t overlook these guys.”
  • 16:41: “I’m looking at health. That’s what I think I’m looking at with this team. The Rams are just too talented.”
  • 20:10: “This is the kind of game not for like a Todd Gurley. This is the kind of game for one guy you mentioned: Josh Reynolds. And I’ll throw another guy out there: Troy Hill.”
  • 21:40: It’s Gracie Toy Time!!!
  • 23:52: “You’re not really sweating anybody, are you?”
  • 27:48: “How dare you!”
  • 30:59: A very serious preview of Michigan-Michigan St. with lots of analysis