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Turf Show Radio S10E28: Week 4 (v. MIN) recap

4-0, and it feels so good! And nobody enjoyed Brandin Cooks’ BBQ more than Andrew Whitworth.

Rob, Joey and I got in a new episode of Turf Show Radio last night.

  • 6:45: Rob explains Poldark
  • 11:20: Joey’s top 3 Oscar favorites: First Man, Roma, and...
  • 15:45: Actual football podcast things
  • 21:15: “That was the first time where we have really seen Jared Goff individually take over, and I think that’s a thing maybe not for now but when we look back and say, ‘This was the first time we saw Jared Goff become this kind of quarterback.’ And really, not necessarily attempt those throws but attempt and make those throws that when we see it again, it’s not as surprising. But this time, it was surprising because he pulled it off.”
  • 27:00: “It’s nice to be the hunted.”
  • 33:40: Rob explains the Seattle Seahawks’ magical formula of rushing attempts+completed passes>50
  • 43:55: Matt Longacre can play any position
  • 45:38: Rob’s Cooper Kupp sexytime
  • 51:48: This is now a quidditch podcast
  • 57:20: Andrew Whitworth joins the show to talk about BBQ
  • 1:02:05 “This fall, on CBS. Whitworth & Goff.”
  • 1:03:30: Bandwagon mania
  • 1:20:30: We are not going to talk about UCLA football

The show is now on iTunes, Art19 and Spotify too.