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Random Ramsdom 10/2: Chiefs-Rams looms as the game of the year

And then there were two.

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Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Chiefs-Rams looms as the game of the year | Pro Football Talk

There’s a not insignificant chance that the former Governor’s Cup game becomes the battle to be the only undefeated team left in the NFL. And it’s not even going to play out in this country. Who knew that the most anticipated game of the year would be an international series game, with neither team having a real home advantage. Wow.

McVay: Mark Barron, Greg Zuerlein could return Sunday vs. Seahawks | Rams Wire

I was not expecting this news so soon, but I’m happy, especially to get Greg Zuerlein back. Nothing personal against Sam Ficken, but... he’s not good.

The Winners and Losers From NFL Week 4 | The Ringer

Even when it’s not coaching, Jeff Fisher can’t help but be bad at what he does.

Rams hold on NFC West grows tighter | Niner’s Nation

This is just here because anytime that one of our sister sites covering a divisional rival dedicates any words to the fact that the Rams are killing it and their team is scraping the bottom of the division, well, it bring joy to my heart.

Jared Goff among 4 QBs on pace to break Peyton Manning’s passing record in 2018 | Rams Wire

In 2016 Jared Goff was almost considered the bust to end all busts. Now in his third season, he’s on pace to break the single season passing yards record set by Peyton Manning in his 15th season. What a time to be a Rams fan.

Los Angeles Rams continue to see just how special Cooper Kupp really is | Ramblin’ Fan

Cooper f-ing Kupp. Underrated by everyone -- except @SeattleRams_NFL -- when he was drafted.

Week 4 NFL Team of the Week | PFF

Jared Goff comes in as QB and Aaron Donald as interior defensive lineman. Is anyone surprised?

N.F.L. Quarterbacks Are Throwing Passing Yardage Off the Charts | New York Times

Jared Goff gets a few callouts in this article. All the crazy numbers put up by QBs this season makes for some exciting shootouts this season.

NFL review and preview: With other NFC West teams teetering, how will the Rams handle prosperity? | Los Angeles Times

As I said before, the Rams are killing it, and the rest of the division is ... not. While the Rams are proving every week that they are the real deal, the rest of the NFS West isn’t making the road to Divisional Champions a difficult one.